K – Brand New Map

September 15, 2006 at 9:49 PM | Posted in K | Leave a comment

1. Brand New Map
2. Sunshine
3. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
4. Brand New Map (less vocal)

This is K’s 6th single and it was released on August 23, 2006. The single reached #20 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 14,385 copies. The title track was used as the 4th ending theme song for the anime BLOOD+.

To me, this was a very refreshing single. Brand New Map is probably his most upbeat pop song to date. The song has a very calming and cheerful atmosphere to it. The chorus is very catchy and like I said before, it’s very refreshing to the ears. The looping English phrase I’m gonna be on my way, bye bye my younger days, now wipe your tears away that is heard throughout the song is SOOO good and I love hearing it. There’s more to K than just his depressing piano ballads and this song proves it.

The next track, Sunshine, is a little more R&B influenced than the previous track. This song ALSO has a catchy chorus and it’s more laid back too.

K continues to wow me with his recent English covers. I absolutely loved his cover of I Like It and it was pretty daring of him to make his own version of Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?, the classic Rod Stewart song. I was a little nervous to listen to this song at first, but I realized that it is REALLY good. K’s version of the song has some slight R&B beats along with the famous synth line of the original version. His English has improved greatly as well, especially his pronounciation.

Overall Rating

4½ stars


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