Miwako Okuda – Kimi wo Omou

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Kimi wo Omou (君を想う) is Miwako Okuda’s 2nd album and it was released on September 6, 2006. The album reached #155 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

♦ ♦ ♦

I thought this album was quite the departure from her debut album Futari because it is almost entirely composed of ballads and Okuda co-wrote the lyrics of all the new songs as well.

The first track is the only true rock song on the album. BORN is Okuda’s latest single and it is reminscent of Aozora no Hate, a song from her first album. It’s a good album opener since it’s different from every other track.

Track 2 is the first many of slow paced ‘pop ballads’ on the album. Tsuki ga Suki has a pretty chorus, but that’s pretty much it.

The next track is the best freakin’ song on the album. Sure, Boku ga Ikite Ita Koto is also a ballad, but it’s a rock themed power ballad with an amazing string arrangement.

Gah, another pop ballad. Soraoi is another pretty song, but I didn’t like low pitched background vocals of the chorus. They feel out of place.

Whoo-hoo, track 5 is a personal favorite of mine. 1/2 is a beautiful piano ballad with amazing vocals from Okuda. The song was originally the B-side on the Boku ga Ikite Ita Koto single.

Finally! A song with some alternative electric guitar riffs! love you is definitely a breath of fresh air after all those ballads. The music has a more alternative feel to it.

Never mind, Soba ni Ite continues the string of ballads. Okuda’s vocals are quite beautiful and the string arrangement is very well done. Other than that, it’s a little boring.

Track 8 is the oldest song on the album. Ano Hi was the B-side on the Ame to Yume no Ato ni single, released more than a year ago during the Futari era.

I like the powerful vocals of the chorus in Ashita e. I am SO glad there is some percussion in this song because it’s definitely a nice touch.

Track 10 is my favorite of all the new tracks on this album. Egao has some slight R&B elements in it (some light beats and fingersnaps) which makes it stand out among the other tracks.

Ending the album is a piano ballad (no surprise there). Similar to 1/2, Kimi wo Omou has amazing and beautiful vocals. It’s a very gentle song and it’s a good way to close this ballad dominated album.

As much as I love Miwako Okuda, I was disappointed with this album. I really like listening to ballads, but there’s way too many of them on this CD. The only ‘rock’ songs on the album are BORN and Boku ga Ikite Ita Koto (and maybe love you). This album didn’t have the variety of Futari, her debut album, because of the lack of rock songs. Futari had 6 rock songs and 7 ballads while Kimi wo Omou had 3 rock songs and 8 ballads. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked this album, but not nearly as much as Futari.

Overall Rating

3 stars


2. Tsuki ga Suki (月が好き)
3. Boku ga Ikite Ita Koto (ぼくが生きていたこと)
4. Soraoi (ソラオイ)
5. 1/2
6. love you
7. Soba ni Ite (そばにいて)
8. Ano Hi (あの日)
9. Ashita e (明日へ)
10. Egao (笑顔)
11. Kimi wo Omou (君を想う)

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!


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  1. Miwako’s website is closed… because of some unexplainable reasons, she states that she will be back somehow, but that her life was too difficult like this.
    And hopes she’ll meet everyone again in the future.

    I liked her very much. The reviews you gave the songs were also great. Luckily this website features many great artists and this blog is just great!

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