Mika Nakashima – MY SUGAR CAT

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2. Koishikute (恋しくて)
3. MY SUGAR CAT (Instrumental)
4. Koishikute (Instrumental)

This is Mika’s Nakashima’s 19th single and it was released on July 26, 2006. The single reached #14 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 19,120 copies.

Out of all the singles that Mika Nakashima has released so far for her upcoming album YES, MY SUGAR CAT happens to be my favorite. I love the fact that she incorporates other genres of music into her songs and for this one, she uses reggae vibes and smooth brass rhythms to add to her already sensual vocals. The reggae loop is a big part of the song and it is what makes it stand out compared to her other recent singles. Another notable Mika Nakashima song that uses a similar reggae loop is 2003’s Seppun.

The B-side is a cover of a song originally performed by the group BEGIN. I haven’t heard the original version of Koishikute so I can’t really compare how different it is from Nakashima’s version but I will say her’s is still pretty good. Once again, there is a reggae loop but it is quickly overshadowed by the brass and percussion. The song does focus more on the music because the singing is sporadic and mostly appears at the beginning. I have always liked her Japanese cover songs more than her English ones.

Overall Rating

5 stars


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