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2. Orange (2005.9.27 Live at 
    Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO) (オレンジ) 
3. Do You Crash? (2005.9.21 Live at SHIBUYA-AX)
4. LOVE IS BUBBLE (Instrumental)

This is BONNIE PINK’s 20th single and it was released on May 10, 2006. The single reached #28 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 13,608 copies. The title track was featured in the movie Memories of Matsuko.

If you are a diehard BONNIE PINK fan, then LOVE IS BUBBLE will totally knock you off your seat. What makes this song completely different from ANYTHING that she has released in the past is the fact the music is 1940s / 1950s big band swing. The brass and percussion section play a huge part in this song and it never lets up. This is an extremely fun song with awesome English lyrics: Money for me, pleasure for you and But I could be lovable if you pay me double. Like I said before, you will find this song to be really surprising because it is reminiscent of American swing. It’s definitely her most unique song in my opinion and I love it.

The next two tracks are live versions of older songs she performed in 2005. The first one is a live version of Orange, her debut single from 1995. The BGM is pretty much the same as the original studio version and BONNIE PINK is one of the few artists that actually sings as good, if not better live compared to the studio recordings.

The live version of Do You Crash? is amazing as well. This song was originally her 3rd single from 1996 and her voice in this live version still maintains the low pitch of the original recording, so it sounds almost identical. The fast paced verses are exceptionally well done and this live version is superior to the original 1996 version because of the use of electric guitars. The ending is simply amazing and I really felt I was right in the audience.

Overall Rating

4½ stars


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