NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA – Hitoiro

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1. Hitoiro (一色)
2. Hitoiro (Instrumental)
4. EYES FOR THE MOON (Instrumental)

This is Mika Nakashima’s 20th single (and her 2nd under the ‘NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA’ stage name) and it was released on November 29, 2006. The single reached #5 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 100,543 copies. Both of the songs were used in the movie NANA 2, the title track being the main theme.

I thought that Hitoiro was a major improvement over her first NANA single GLAMOROUS SKY. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought GLAMOROUS SKY was great but this song totally blows it out of the water. This song had something that the former definitely lacked, and that was depth and emotion. The lyrics of the song are so vivid and descriptive and Ai Yazawa did an amazing job writing them. Even though this song is not as fast paced as GLAMOROUS SKY, I thought it was executed better because of the mix of screeching riffs and underlying strings (there is also a gothic styling in the music as well). Nakashima’s vocals are fantastic as usual even though she sings the lyrics relatively fast.

The B-side was another high quality track that is more aggressive in terms of music. EYES FOR THE MOON has a nice punkish feel to it because of the constant riffs and percussion. Nakashima’s new rock vocal style seems to get better as she goes deeper into the genre but after the release of her NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA album THE END, she announced that she would be done with rock music completely (which I found really relieving when I first heard about it XD).

Overall Rating

4½ stars


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