Nami Tamaki – CROSS SEASON

March 27, 2007 at 11:18 AM | Posted in Nami Tamaki | Leave a comment

2. i CAN FLY
3. Lost and Found
4. CROSS SEASON -Instrumental-

This is Nami Tamaki’s 13th single and it was released on March 14, 2007. The single reached #23 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 6,404 copies.

With a scary looking cover like that, I expected CROSS SEASON to be something extremely different from Nami Tamaki, but it’s not. It still sounds similar to her past techno-pop material, but I do give it credit for having a more ‘mature’ sound (the lyrics are about graduation and moving on as well). The simple piano arrangement plus the underlying electronica loop sounds really good actually. I can’t say the same about Tamaki’s vocals though because they don’t sound as energetic as before, but I suppose they are like that to match the mid-tempo pace of the music.

Now onto the B-sides. I thought i CAN FLY was really annoying because it features the sounds of Tamaki yelling and screaming. The rockish sound of the song is nice but I didn’t like Tamaki’s overly cutesy vocals.

Lost and Found is probably her most rock inspired song to date. The electric guitar riffs are fantastic and this time, I really liked Tamaki’s vocals. They matched very well with the music and this B-side is way better than i CAN FLY.

Overall Rating 

3½ stars


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