Crystal Kay – Konna ni Chikaku de…

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1. Konna ni Chikaku de… (こんなに近くで…)
3. Konna ni Chikaku de… -KZ Future Disko Remix-
4. FEEL -Singo.S Remix-
5. Konna ni Chikaku de… -instrumental-

This Crystal Kay’s 22nd single and it was released on February 28, 2007. The single reached #14 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 15,158 copies. The title track was used as the ending theme song for the anime Nodame Cantabile.

Konna ni Chikaku de… is an awesome song because it experiments with three different genres of music. The song opens with wonderful strings and then R&B beats enter into the mix. There is also funky synth arrangement that comes in during the bridge. This has grown to be one of my favorite Crystal Kay songs because well, it’s different. It’s more than just your average R&B song because of the strings and synth. I also want to mention that the chorus is extremely catchy.

The B-side, FEEL, follows Crystal Kay’s traditional R&B style with it’s thumping bass. The song also has a laid back club sound that isn’t boring. She showcases powerful vocals during the chorus and especially during the bridge, where she really belts it out. All in all, this is a good B-side.

Now onto the remixes. The KZ Future Disko Remix of Konna ni Chikaku de… is similar to her past remixes. It just makes the original sound more ‘club friendly’ but I actually liked the new instruments that were used in the remix. The added acoustic guitar stood out the most for me though.

The Singo.S Remix of FEEL doesn’t really present anything new at all. It just has some added sounds and that’s pretty much it. The remix of Konna ni Chikaku de… is much better in my opinion.

Overall Rating

4 stars


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