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TERMINAL is Salyu’s 2nd album and it was released on January 17, 2007. The album reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 87,334 copies.

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The album’s opening track is the jazzy Tobira. I really liked the calm electric guitar chords and percussion because they create a soothing atmosphere throughout the entire song. Salyu also demonstrates her powerful vocals during the chorus. This song was used to promote the release of the album and a PV was shot as well.

Even though Kaze ni Noru Fune is my least favorite of the A-sides, it’s still a nice addition to the album.

Track 3, Kagami, opens with progressive electric guitar and gentle vocals. When the chorus arrives, she once again displays strong vocals.

The album features a somewhat altered version of Platform, her latest single. The song itself is unchanged but there is about an extra 20 seconds at the end where there is a carnival ‘merry go round’ sequence that flows seamlessly into the next track.

Track 5, Yue ni, follows a more alternative rock style. The song is heavy on the electric chords making this another good song.

Tower is one of the album’s more pop influenced tracks and with it’s incredibly catchy chorus, this song doesn’t disappoint. The music has a serene atmosphere and Salyu’s vocals are top notch.

The next track is my favorite of the new songs on the album. Apple Pie is also on the pop side, but it’s just so cute! The synth is wonderful and Salyu’s vocals reflect the upbeat vibe of the song. I highly recommend this pleasant and refreshing number.

Salyu goes into epic proportions with I BELIEVE. The song starts off a bit slow but it gradually becomes louder and begins to pick up speed until it climaxes into a frenzy of percussion, electric guitar, and powerful vocals. Unfortunately, the song ends right after this part.

The thing I liked the most about Yoru no Umi Tooi Deai ni was the blaring percussion arrangement but was pretty much it. Salyu’s vocals in this song seemed a little too over the top at times in my opinion. This song was a B-side on the Platform single.

name is quite possibly my favorite song on the album. I love everything about it because it has an excellent combination of bass, acoustics, and percussion.

I thought track 11 was nice but predictable. be there has a nice piano and drum arrangement and Salyu belts it out during the chorus, but this time with English lyrics: I’ll be there for joy.

I really liked the experimental sound of track 12, heartquake. This song absolutely shines during the chorus especially when Salyu’s voice blends in with the rhythmic percussion. Much like the previous songs on the album, the verses are calm and then feature an exploding chorus. 

The final track is Salyu’s own version of to U, a song that she originally performed with Bank Band which was a huge hit that sold over 300,000 copies. Salyu’s version features only her vocals and a slower, beautiful piano and string arrangement. The original version had a more upbeat band arrangement. I loved what Salyu did with the song and it’s an fitting end for this exceptional album. Also, this song is over 8 minutes long, making it the longest on the album.

TERMINAL is definitely one of the most unique albums of 2007. The album’s mix of alternative rock and experimental pop was absolutely refreshing to my ears. Even though Salyu was going for a more mainstream sound with this album, she still strays pretty far away from what you would normally hear these days (especially if you have heard her debut album landmark first). This album might not be for everyone, but I highly recommend it because it is different but at the same time it’s not outrageously different. Salyu has a really unique and non-mainstream voice that might take a little getting used to though.

Overall Rating

4 stars


1. Tobira (トビラ)
2. Kaze ni Noru Fune (風に乗る船)
3. Kagami (鏡)
4. Platform ~Merry Go Round~ (プラットホーム)
5. Yue ni (故に)
6. Tower
7. Apple Pie
9. Yoru no Umi Tooi Deai ni (夜の海 遠い出会いに)
10. name
11. be there
12. heartquake
13. to U (Salyu ver.)

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!


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  1. lol posting so late, but I can’t believe no ones commented.

    it’s shame not many know of Salyu, she is one of the most original singers out there with the most unique voice i’ve ever heard.

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