Koda Kumi – FREAKY

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2. Sora (空)
3. Run For Your Life
4. girls
5. FREAKY -Surtek Collective’s Action Remix
    (featuring Peter Rap)-
6. Sora -Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix-
7. Run For Your Life -Kaskade Remix-
8. girls -CUBISMO GRAFICO Beach Girls MIX-

This is Koda Kumi’s 36th single and it was released on June 27, 2007. The single reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 195,322 copies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a review of the CD+DVD edition which features exclusive remixes (the CD only edition has the instrumentals).

I’ll begin with the main track of the single, FREAKY. I really liked the progressive electric guitar of the song and they open the song rather nicely. The verses are great but the chorus was pretty disappointing. I thought it was annoying when Kumi yelled Get freaky all over the place during the chorus.

This single is not a quadruple A-side like 4 hot wave was and instead features 3 B-sides, the first one being Sora. This is my favorite track off the single because it’s very light hearted and fun. It has great vocals and a catchy melody which attracted me to this song.

The next B-side had it’s own PV for some reason. Run For Your Life is incredibly poppy and cutesy in terms of music AND vocals. It’s not that bad since the song has a catchy rhythm but it’s still a little over the top in some areas.

The last track is girls, a song that sounds WAY to similar to With your smile. Just like the last 2 tracks, this song is very poppy. Like I said before, it’s similarities to With your smile are uncanny, there’s no question.

The next 4 tracks are remixes. I’m not going to go over each one since that would take too long so I’ll give brief summaries of each one:

  • The FREAKY remix is even more annoying than the original because Peter Rap screws it up with his horrible ‘reggae’ like voice.
  • I really liked the Sora remix and it’s by far the best of the 4.
  • I have nothing much to say about the Run For Your Life remix except that it makes the song more boring.
  • Lastly, the girls remix is too long-winded. It’s over 6 minutes and I just wanted it to end.

Overall Rating

3 stars


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