Sowelu – Dare Yori Suki na no ni

July 19, 2007 at 2:50 PM | Posted in Sowelu | Leave a comment

1. Dare Yori Suki na no ni (誰より好きなのに)
2. Lie
3. Dare Yori Suki na no ni (less vocal)
4. Lie (less vocal)

This is Sowelu’s 15th single and it was released June 20, 2007. The single reached #22 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 4,686 copies.

Even though Sowelu is slowly drifting back into R&B territory, Dare Yori Suki na no ni is a total bore. It’s also a cover of the 1996 Toko Fuuruchi song of the same name. What I disliked the most about the song were Sowelu’s vocals. Normally, her vocals are smooth and well done like in her previous single Shiawase no Chikara, but her voice is raspy and strained this time around. They really turned me off from the song and the music is a lazy mix of brass and strings which wasn’t helping either.

The B-side is better, but it’s still not a considerable improvement. Lie has its moments music-wise but I just don’t like it when Sowelu sings at a lower pitch. Even though this is an aggressive, upbeat song, the tone of her voice still sounds dead.

Overall Rating

2½ stars


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