Younha – Ima ga Daisuki

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1. Ima ga Daisuki (今が大好き)
2. Inori (祈り)
3. Ima ga Daisuki (Kankokugo version)
    (今が大好き (韓国語version))
4. Inori (Kankokugo version)
    (祈り (韓国語version))
5. Ima ga Daisuki (instrumental)
6. Inori (instrumental)

This is Younha’s 7th single and it was released on September 6, 2006. The single reached #71 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. The title track and the B-side were used as the opening and ending theme songs for the anime Shoujo Jang Geum no Yume, the Japanese dub of the original Korean series Jang Geumi ei Kkhoom.

I thought Ima ga Daisuki was a nice pop song but nothing extremely special. Just like many of her previous songs, it has a lovely piano arrangement combined with excellent vocals. The chorus is very catchy and pretty uplifting too.

The B-side, Inori, is even poppier than the last track but a little more laid back. It’s a very light-hearted song with a nice, sugary melody. I also liked the chorus because it is quite charming and pretty catchy like the A-side.

Tracks 3 and 4 are the ‘kankokugo’ or Korean versions of Ima ga Daisuki and Inori. Instrumentally, the songs are the same but Younha sings them in her native language. I do have to admit that the songs sound better in Korean and they seem to flow better in the language as well.

Overall Rating 

3½ stars


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