Eri Nobuchika – Lights

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1. Lights
2. I hear the music in my soul
3. Lights (Acoustic)
4. Lights (Karaoke)

This is Eri Nobuchika’s debut single and it was released on December 8, 2004. The single reached #78 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 7,172 copies. The title track was featured in the video game Lumines and was also the theme song for the movie Shinku.

Here it is, the debut single of one of the most underrated artists EVER. To be honest, I was kind of bored when I first heard the opening piano chords of Lights, but I was blown away by the explosive chorus. This is a song that slowly builds up and totally surprises the listener. The chorus is absolutely amazing because it mixes classical strings and techno dance beats. The bridge also features dazzling strings. Eri Nobuchika’s deep, powerful vocals give the song life and she can really belt it out.

The B-side is I hear the music in my soul, an 8 minute instrumental track. It hardly features any vocals and the only line that Nobuchika sings in the song is I hear the music in my soul (this happens about 3 and a half minutes into the song). She sings this line multiple times with some electronic distortions in her voice every now and then. This track definitely relies on the music because it never lets up or slows down too much. It’s a great dance track if you’re into that kind of stuff.

The acoustic version of Lights is a wonderful bonus on this single. The piano arrangement of the original is replaced by one that is more jazzy. This version is a great way to hear Nobuchika sing the chorus without any background vocals as well, and it really shows her true vocal talent. Also, the techno elements of the original have been removed and it gives the song a whole different sound.

Overall Rating

5 stars


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