Rie fu – 5000 Miles

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1. 5000 Miles (5000 マイル)
2. Aitai Toki ni Utau Uta (会いたいときに歌ううた)
3. Life is Like a Boat
    ~Tsukiakari Rie fu Live version~
   (Life is Like a Boat
   ~ツキアカリエフゥライブ version~)

This is Rie fu’s 8th single and it was released on September 5, 2007. The single reached #100 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

I’m glad that Rie fu is doing more upbeat songs because 5000 Miles is exactly that. It’s a cute song with its cheerful piano chords and strings. The chorus is the focal point of the song and it’s charming and full of life. This is one of those songs that will put a smile on your face because of it has a happy, uplifting atmosphere.

The B-side is the very calm and relaxing Aitai Toki ni Utau Uta. The song has a simple acoustic guitar arrangement along with some low pitched strings. The music is classic Rie fu and it’s very pleasant to the ears.

I was so pleased to hear a live version of Life is Like a Boat on this single. This is THE song that made me a Rie fu fan and it’s probably her most well known track among the western J-pop community. If you ever watched the anime BLEACH, then you’ll know what I mean. The song’s original piano arrangement is gorgeous and along with the added strings in this live, it’s a wonderful listening experience.

Overall Rating

4 stars


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