K × ET-KING – Kono Uta wo………♪

October 16, 2007 at 8:12 PM | Posted in K | 1 Comment
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1. Kono Uta wo………
3. KI・ZU・NA ~Wasurenai yo~
    (KI・ZU・NA ~忘れないよ~)
4. Kono Uta wo………♪ -less vocal-

This is K’s 9th single and it was released on October 3, 2007. The single reached #19 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 4,942 copies.

There is one major problem that I have with Kono Uta wo………♪, and it’s ET-KING. The chorus is the only good part of the song because there is an actual harmony between the 7 members of ET-KING and K himself, and it doesn’t sound that bad. However, when they start freestyling and rapping, things go into the toilet. They sound SO annoying and obnoxious during these sequences of the song and what makes it worse is that they appear frequently. K’s solo parts are well done as usual, but even that doesn’t save this collaboration gone bad.

The first B-side is worse, FAR worse than the previous track. Words can’t describe how painful it was to listen to this cover of Bob Marley’s NO WOMAN, NO CRY. The song is riddled with horribly accented English and awful vocals thanks to ET-KING. Unfortunately, K’s vocals don’t sound that good either. The only saving grace of the song is the laid back reggae atmosphere that remains faithful to the original.

The next track is by far the best on the single and for one VERY good reason: ET-KING is not in it (rejoice!). KI・ZU・NA ~Wasurenai yo~ is a lovely ballad with a R&B feel to it. The chorus showcases strong vocals that are accompanied with calming strings. The piano arrangement that opens the song and is heard later in the background is excellent as well. This track better be on his next studio album.

Overall Rating

2 stars


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  1. Hiyah! I’m glad you’re back. I freaked when your old URL wasn’t working. XD Anyways, I still laugh when I read this review. And just to let you know, K won’t be releasing an album any time soon because he’s taking part in the Japanese production of RENT the musical, so KI-ZU-NA will have to wait to be placed on his album, BUT his spring concerts are featuring that song! Okay, blabbering now. XDDD

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