Yuna Ito – Urban Mermaid

October 31, 2007 at 2:07 PM | Posted in Yuna Ito | Leave a comment

1. Urban Mermaid
2. Colorful
3. Mahaloha
   -Gira Mundo “City Lights at Night” Remix-
4. Urban Mermaid (Instrumental)

This is Yuna Ito’s 9th single and it was released on October 24, 2007. The single reached #10 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 23,833 copies.

I honestly think that Urban Mermaid is an improvement over her past 2 singles, but just by a little bit. The song begins VERY nicely with calming vocals from Yuna Ito, but then the chorus just kind of appears out of nowhere without a good transition or anything. It feels really out of place for some reason. The song’s English phrases are a little corny too (I’m a beautiful mermaid and Don’t be afraid, naked heart). The strongest aspect of the song is probably its acoustic guitar arrangement and the really nice solo during the bridge.

The B-side, Colorful, is a cheery and upbeat pop song. I liked Ito’s vocals in this track especially during the verses, which I thought were very well done. I also found the chorus more enjoyable than Urban Mermaid’s. This is a pretty good track and definitely better than the A-side.

Next up is an interesting remix of Mahaloha, Ito’s previous single. The remix still keeps the island vibe of the original, but adds more instruments like brass and jazzy percussion. The added sounds make it sound more tropical and festive. If you liked the original, you’ll most likely enjoy this remix too.

Overall Rating

3 stars


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