Every Little Thing – Koi wo Shiteiru / Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo feat. Noriyuki Makihara

November 15, 2007 at 3:28 PM | Posted in Every Little Thing | 1 Comment

1. Koi wo Shiteiru (恋をしている)
2. Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo feat. Noriyuki Makihara
    (冬がはじまるよ feat. 槇原敬之)
3. Koi wo Shiteiru (Instrumental)
4. Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo feat. Noriyuki Makihara

This is Every Little Thing’s 34th single and it was released on October 31, 2007. The single reached #7 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 38,357 copies.

Koi wo Shiteiru is a very pretty winter themed ballad. It begins rather calmly but then surges with percussion and strings after the opening lyrics. The chorus is definitely the highlight of the song although I wished that Kaori Mochida’s vocals were a little bit stronger. Aside from that, this is a nice song that has a lovely winter atmosphere along with a cool electric guitar solo during the bridge.

The next track is more upbeat but still has that winter theme (it’s also a cover of a song from 1991). Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo feat. Noriyuki Makihara focuses more on lyrics about winter next to fast paced synth and strings with a traditional enka twist. Makihara was the composer and original performer of this song and he also provides background vocals that blend quite well with Mochida’s voice. In the end, it’s the perfect contrast to Koi wo Shiteiru.

Overall Rating

4½ stars


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