Crystal Kay – Shining

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Shining is Crystal Kay’s 1st mini-album and it was released on November 28, 2007. The mini-album reached #21 on the Oricon Weekly Single Charts and sold 6,050 copies.

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Shining is the main track off this Christmas themed mini-album. The song is nothing short of typical and terribly bland. The music is very pop with acoustics and mild beats, but it lacks any interesting hooks to bring in the listener in. The chorus is also very uninspiring. I don’t mind that Crystal Kay keeps on drifting towards the pop route, but this song is boring. If you want an awesome pop song from her, listen to Koi ni Ochitara or the material from her latest album ALL YOURS.

The next track is pretty much the same song as before, but in ballad form. Let’s say that you slow Shining down, add a flowing string arrangement, and make the beats a little bit stronger. The result would be Snowflake, and fortunately, this song is better. It’s still typical, but definitely more memorable than Shining.

The 3rd track is by far the worst on the mini-album. Happy 045 Xmas just oozes with unoriginality and corny lyrics. Sure, it’s a “Christmas party” song that’s supposed to be fun, jingle bells and all, but it teeters on the edge of being extremely generic and unforgettable. This song was originally a digital release that could be purchased from Crystal Kay’s official website (which basically means that it’s pure filler material on this mini-album).

It’s too bad that the best song on here is an OLD track originally released back in December 2003. Her cover of Natalie Cole’s No More Blue Christmas’ was the bonus track on her English album NATURAL and it’s been slapped on here for the mini-album’s Christmas theme. I love her vocals on this track and she does great justice to the original.

Closing this thing up is the JAZZTRONIK remix of Shining. I will admit that the remix is A LOT more interesting because of the jazzy piano chords. The beats are faster as well, but that’s pretty much it. It’s an improvement over the original, which did nothing for me.

Thank goodness Shining is an only a mini-album, even though it’s pratically just a glorified single, because it contains some of the most disappointing and bland material that Crystal Kay has released to date. Honestly, the vocals are great as usual, but the music is less than stimulating and it feels like recycled pop. No More Blue Christmas’ is the only song worth listening to, but it’s a cover AND an old track from 2003. This “mini-album” just seemed so unncessary and rushed upon further inspection. I believe that this could have been a great release, but poor execution and the lack of original material proved otherwise.

Overall Rating

2 stars


1. Shining
2. Snowflake
3. Happy 045 Xmas
4. No More Blue Christmas’


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