WaT / e2 – Yume no Tochuu / TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo

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1. Yume no Tochuu (夢の途中) / WaT
2. TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo / e2
3. Yume no Tochuu <Instrumental> / WaT
4. TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo <Instrumental> / e2

This is WaT’s 8th single and it was released on January 16, 2008. The single reached #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 40,534 copies.

After releasing a best album in late November, WaT is finally back together for a new single. Yume no Tochuu is a return to a great pop sound with well done harmonies and vocals. This is a breezy song with flowing strings, piano, and additional acoustics. The chorus is kind of shaky and I liked the verses more when both Wentz and Teppei display calm vocals.

The next track is the oddly titled TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo. It’s a drastic change from anything the duo has done before, but it’s a lot more memorable than Yume no Tochuu. The song was actually performed under a different name, e2, to promote SKY Perfect Communications. The music is composed primarily of catchy synth and is void of any common instruments that the duo normally play. The vocals are playful during the chorus and the bridge also has a humorous talking sequence.

Overall Rating

3 stars


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