It’s baaaaack.

March 7, 2008 at 12:27 PM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 20 Comments

Excuse the unoriginal URL, but Beyond the Sea is officially back here at WordPress! However, there will be some new changes.

Here are the 2 big ones:

  • NO NO NO NO NO DOWNLOADS. Sorry, but they were the reason why the original blog got shut down.
  • The original letter grading system will be replaced with a more comprehensive 5 star rating system. Here’s an example:

Overall Rating 

3½ stars

Everything will continue to be the same though. Thanks for understanding. I’m slowly recovering all of the reviews and this could take a very long time since I made so many. Please bear with me.

And to my fellow affiliates, bloggers, and readers, please be sure to update your links. Thank you very much! ^^



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  1. wow, back so fast! =) I was so sad to see the original url shut down. Good to have you back!

  2. I saw the whole this blog has been shutdown… sorry to hear all that. I hope that you’ll get this blog up and make it even better.

  3. As always, I will have your back. :lol:

  4. OMG YES!
    I’m so glad your back!
    I was scared. You were my number one source for Jpop.

    Good luck with putting everything back up.

  5. Yeah! You’re back! Your reviews are the most important thing in the website, so no download won’t be a problem for me!

  6. yay!! This is one of my fav blogs and like Diarm, the reviews are what I look it so I’m glad you’re back!

  7. Welcome back :3

  8. Oh good. Good luck with this one. I’m going to be removing downloads too :( I might replace it with streaming however, so that people can just listen. We’ll see. Keep up the good work!

  9. I never used the downloads anyway, and the reviews are the most important so it’s all good. Glad you’re back. ~

  10. bah wordpress sucks .__. ……… no more downloads…. these sucks D: < sdfnsljkfsjf

    welcome back though<3

  11. welcome backkkk!!!

  12. Lex!
    I couldn’t believe it when I came onto the site one day. And then I got the big message: SUSPENDED. I almost dropped my jaw in awe XD
    I’m so glad you’re back, since I love reading the reviews themselves. I’m hoping this blog will stay as popular…but some people would only use it to download, unfortunately :(
    I know I will stay faithful and read all of it ^^

    I look forward to your new reviews…since there’s quite a few I want to see your opinion on.


  13. YES! I finally found the 2nd blog. Good to know you’re back or else I would have died w/o your reviews XD

  14. Glad to see you’re back! I have updated my link to you :)

  15. Lex! Glad you made it back man!

    Hey, I support you on the no DL’s situation. The important thing is that you continue to write your insightful reviews. ;)

  16. Awesome, I was looking all over for signs of life. I was really shocked to see the original blog go down. Just keep up the great reviews and I’ll keep coming back. For people who just want DL’s, there are plenty of sources for them (hint: torrents, P2P, etc).

  17. good to see you back on here Lex ! I will update my blog with your URL now :)

  18. ^_^ Yay your back! I will miss the downloads. XD

    Just cause it was so nice to be able to sample songs. ^^ It helped me get interested in the artists.

    But I’m glad your blog is back! I love your reviews.

  19. Yay! You’re back!
    -Panicked when you were gone- x__x
    Awws; no download?! ]:

  20. I didn’t manage to find beyondthesea2 after the original one got shut down, I’m glad I’ve found it (through google xD).

    Perhaps you wanna consider to move over to, a new free blog sites (currently with one ad banner on sidebar) created by The Pirate Bay. Then you can put up downloads again :p

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