Namie Amuro – 60s 70s 80s

March 25, 2008 at 8:31 PM | Posted in Namie Amuro | 15 Comments

4. NEW LOOK (Instrumental)
5. ROCK STEADY (Instrumental)
6. WHAT A FEELING (Instrumental)

This is Namie Amuro’s 32nd single and it was released on March 12, 2008. The single reached #2 in its first week, then #1 in its second on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 289,251 copies. All of the songs were used to advertise Vidal Sassoon haircare products.

The concept of this single is quite interesting. The 3 featured tracks all sample a popular American song that was from a specific decade in chronological order.

A little dash of old fashioned Motown fused with modern R&B is the best way to describe NEW LOOK, the song that represents the 1960s. Sampling The Supremes’ Baby Love, the track is all about high fashion (the lyrics containing several fashion references too). Being my favorite of the 3 songs, everything about it is just plain infectious and catchy. Since the chorus is the main focus of the song, it tends to repeat a lot near the end, but that’s okay because it’s so good. Namie Amuro’s vocals are at their absolute best and it was kind of funny hearing her sing Internet acronyms like “LOL” and “OMG” (thank the lyricist MICHICO for that).

Representing the 1970s, the thumping track ROCK STEADY is next. It samples Aretha Franklin’s song Rock Steady and contains a strong influence of the original track, thanks to its overall soulful sound. Amuro’s take on the song adds frequent beats, fast paced vocals, and lots of energy. I thought it was the least impressive of the 3 songs, but I’m only saying that in comparison to NEW LOOK and WHAT A FEELING. It’s still a well done track.

Finally, the last song represents the 1980s but in an electronic dance club kind of way. WHAT A FEELING samples the famous synth line from Irene Cara’s Flashdance… What a Feeling, but everything else is completely original. I enjoyed the distorted beats and offbeat synthesizers alongside Amuro’s high octane vocal performance.

60s 70s 80s definitely contains Namie Amuro’s best material to date. Each song on it pays homage to a decade of American music, but they also provide a modern spin on them which really spices things up. The way the songs were sampled was clever and I liked how they were utilized because they don’t deviate from the new, original work that is presented. Amuro’s currently on a hot streak right now so let’s hope she keeps delivering the goods.

Overall Rating

5 stars



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  1. Let’s hope she keeps it up, because she’s been rocking pretty hard for awhile and I’d hate to see her slip up.

    60s 70s 80s is one of the best (overall) singles I’ve heard in awhile, each of the songs is excellent. The music videos were all pretty cool, too.

  2. great review Lex but I think you made a bit of a mistake in your review reg ROCK STEADY .

    It represents the 70s , not the 80s . WHAT A FEELING represents the 80s so yup but other than that great job !

  3. ^ Fixed! Thanks, Karen.

  4. I SIMPLU LOVED THIS SINGLE!! LOVED IT ^.~ and the poster i got with it wasn’t bad too lol

  5. lol my favourite was ROCK STEADY actually. That one I could lsiten to on repeat for ages. So catchy.

    And seriuosly, i hated NEW LOOK XD. Well it wasn’t that bad. But, i unno just me . :D

    WHAT A FEELING was sickkk -_-♥

  6. I used to hate New Look but it has grown on me a lot. Rock Steady is ok but I agree with you on the fact that it’s the least impressive of the singles. What a Feeling is just awesome. Good job Lex!

  7. i liked your reviews on NEW LOOK & ROCK STEADY . but i was dissapointed on WHAT A FEELING , i would of wished you to eliberated on it more :l

  8. What a Feeling was definetly my favourite from the single and New Look would come in second but i think Rock Steady is closest to her own personal style

  9. I love ROCK STEADY; it’s thumping, funk / rock w/ hot chick attitude. Can you say BANJI JUMP? NEW LOOK is adorable pop / motown fun splashed w/ high fashion. WHAT A FEELING is techno, synth, electronic dance heavenhearts; !

  10. I liked ROCK STEADY the best, but NEW LOOK wasn’t really that great in my opinion. But I did like the single overall, it’s her best in years.

  11. Awesome review! I love all the songs off this single.

  12. listening to these songs initially made me dislike them because the tunes were actually quite the same like her other works but then after hearing it like over 20 times… i managed to change my mind about it and begin to enjoy these songs… and her video clip is awesome.

    oh u might want to try listening to perfume songs too. the tunes are catchy… the group name is perfume.

  13. This was quite an interesting single by Namie Amuro.
    The music videos were pretty interesting.
    But the one problem I had is that I just couldn’t hear Namie Amuro so well. The music kinda overtook her.
    But that just might be me.

  14. Awesome review!
    However,my least favourite would be NEW LOOK,and my best would be WHAT A FEELING :)
    ROCK STEADY is so awesome!
    Used to be my least favourite but now it’s amost overtaking WHAT A FEELING for me lol.

  15. “what a feeling” is my favorite. “NEW LOOK” comes in second while rock steady trails behind the other two.
    However, this single is simply amazing. nowadays, namie seems to be the only artist with surprising comeback single like such.

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