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April 9, 2008 at 6:45 PM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 5 Comments

“But Lex, I thought you hated the Hello!Project?!”

That’s not entirely true. While I’m not too fond of all the groups, I DO like the solo artists (especially since they have now started making more mature music). My top 3 are Maki Goto, Aya Matsuura, and Natsumi Abe. In my opinion, Abe has one of the best voices within the Hello!Project. I will begin reviewing this artist with her May 2007 single Too far away ~Onna no Kokoro~.



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  1. Oo!
    This should be interesting.
    I have never heard of her before.

  2. I liked some of Maki Goto’s solo works. I would say my favorite songs by her are Glass no Pumps and Some Boys! Touch. The PV for the latter was too slutty though, lol

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  4. Can you please review Goto Maki, too, then? I want to hear what you thought about her singles. ^^

  5. Interesting indeed.

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