Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirrorcle World

April 16, 2008 at 8:13 PM | Posted in Ayumi Hamasaki | 11 Comments

YOU version
1. Mirrorcle World (Original mix)
2. Life (Original mix)
3. YOU (10th Anniversary version)
4. Mirrocle World (Original mix -Instrumental-)
5. Life (Original mix -Instrumental-)
6. YOU
    (10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

Depend on you version
1. Mirrorcle World (Original mix)
2. Life (Original mix)
3. Depend on you (10th Anniversary version)
4. Mirrorcle World (Original mix -Instrumental-)
5. Life (Original mix -Instrumental-)
6. Depend on you
    (10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

This is Ayumi Hamasaki’s 43rd single and it was released on April 8, 2008, exactly 10 years after her debut single poker face (it also commemorates her 10th anniversary as a major label artist). The single reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 193,016 copies.

I’ll get to the point. Mirror, the high octane introduction track on Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest album GUILTY got PIMPED! The full-length result is the stunning roller coaster ride known as Mirrorcle World. Opening with cinematic strings, the song slowly creeps into the distorted dial-tone sound that began the original Mirror. The song sounds even better than I remembered, especially during the very aggressive chorus where there are heavy bursts of electric guitar and drums. Many things have been added on to give the song a more epic feel. This ranges from its extended introduction to the really dramatic bridge and then some. With all the extra stuff that’s going on, Mirrocle World still manages to cleanly end the exact same way as the original did. Now THIS is how you make a recut single!

The only “new” track on the single is the B-side, a more mellow tune titled Life. The song is a pretty standard rockish track from Hamasaki and there’s nothing really incriminating about it. It’s actually quite underwhelming compared to her previous B-sides too. This is a nice song, but an unmemorable one at that.

The single was released with 2 different tracklistings and depending on the version, you get a different 10th anniversary version of a classic Hamasaki song from 1998. These versions are completely redone and feature new vocals. I’ll start with YOU, her 2nd single. Instead of the familiar synth loop that opens the original, it’s replaced with a prominent electric guitar. Despite sounding more “modern”, the 10th anniversary version doesn’t stray far from the original in terms of overall production.

The other song is her 5th single Depend on you. I found this 10th anniversary version to be better than the one of YOU because there are some really nice changes. It utilizes a nice pop rock sound with some electronic influences here and there. This becomes even more evident at the end where it features a synthed up guitar solo.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. I really loved mirrorcle world. The strings at the beginning were so beautiful~ I think the best B-side was the Depend on You 10th anniversary version. Life reminded me of Fated just a lot more underwhelming

  2. I agree with you.
    Mirrorcle world was freakin EPIC.
    A personal favorite of mines is during the sudden fantasy part during the bridge and the sudden “mirror break” with Ayumi going “yeah yeah”.

  3. Mirrorcle World to me is a masterpiece musically . It’s amazing that she managed to combine many different genres of music into something organic & original . Definitely 1 of her best release works to date :)

  4. FINALLY!!! Someone who agrees with liking “Depend On You” better than “YOU” And this is one of her best songs.

  5. When I first heard about them turning “Mirror” into a full song… well I was a bit skeptical. To my surprise though, “Mirrocle World” is really something! The PV is a little on the lame side though. :|

    “Life” is forgettable, sadly.

    Thanks to this single, I added both “YOU” and “Depend On You” to my list of fav Ayu songs! :D The fact that Ayu did complete re-vocals is quite amazing IMO.

    I’ve been let down before when I heard about “new song versions” in the past with other artists. Ayu actually comes through for her fans and re-sings two signature songs. Beautiful~

  6. Mirrorcle World is the best song from this year so far! I hope will release sumthin like this

  7. Mirrorcle World is absolute love!! AMAZING~~~~! <3 Life is forgettable, underwhemling, uninspired. YOU; nice vocals, better than the original IMHO but not great. Depend on you; love the original and definitely loving this anniversary edition.

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  9. I was waiting for your review on Mirrorcle World. I liked seeing you enjoyed Depend on You -10th Anniversary- better than YOU, since everyone is saying they’d like YOU better, but end up liking Depend on You better. I really agree this single was a personal best from Ayumi, and everyone seems to really find the song a memorable track. I think she blew it out of the water with this. I love the part where she’s vocalizing “wows” and “yeahs”. xD

  10. This single was perfect…

  11. This single was flawless. I loved it.

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