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The cover of the CD only edition

I LOVED YESTERDAY is YUI’s 3rd album and it was released on April 9, 2008. The album reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 475,709 copies.

♦ ♦ ♦

The first track was also the album’s main promotional song and it was released as a digital single on March 10th. Laugh away is probably the best new song on the album as well as the most memorable. I really liked the upbeat nature of the song and the strings in the background gave the music a really nice touch. The chorus was quite surprising at first because YUI sings it pretty fast and the sou waratte itsumo waratte line is catchy.

The first single released for the album was the cheery My Generation. It’s a great follow-up to Laugh away since it’s also upbeat and I found the chorus to be really charming. It’s catchy and easy to sing along to as well. Since the song has grown on me, it’s now one of my favorite upbeat songs by YUI.

Up next is Find me, a slower track that focuses more on the guitars. The verses aren’t that interesting but they do lead into a pleasant chorus. The vocals are stronger and I liked the additional lower pitched vocals that followed right after.

Just like on her previous album, we get a really short song that kind of acts like an interlude. No way is really rockish and it could have made a good full-length song, but the main flaw of this song is pretty obvious since…

Namidairo is right after it and I simply ask: WHY? Don’t get me wrong, I still think this song is great but its placement after No way is awful. Going from a really upbeat and thumping song to the most depressing one on the album was a big no-no in my book. With that aside, Namidairo is actually one of the more unique songs on here since it doesn’t have the alternative acoustic sound that the rest of the album has.

Another rockish track is next and its a brisk mix of strong electric guitar and drums. Daydreamer just seems to pass on by like the title suggests. I didn’t find anything remarkable about it.

Showcasing a more alternative sound with the guitars is Love is all. The verses are boring, but the chorus displays a really nice show of emotion from YUI’s vocals. She sings with power and I liked that, especially with the elongated notes.

This song is more mid-paced but rather bland at the same time. I will love you is lazy for the most part and even YUI sounds like she’s bored throughout the entire thing. Her vocals sound the same and that goes for the music too. Come on, let’s pick up the pace!

Hey, my prayers were answered! We will go is interesting with its rhythmic drums and overall vocal style. The arrangement is frantic and kind of quirky, most evidently during the verses where YUI’s vocals try to match the offbeat style of the guitars and percussion. What’s even more interesting about this song are the lyrics which are dedicated to Izumi Sakai of ZARD.

So here is another upbeat song that’s heavy on the drums but everything else is quite monotone. OH YEAH is nice with its cheery atmosphere as heard in the chorus, but it’s nothing special. It’s a short song anyway.

Now the next track actually has some character to it. My friend features a great combination of simple guitar chords and pretty strings that sound really nice together when the chorus arrives. It reminded me of Why?, the final track from her previous album and that’s a song I really love.

We’re almost done but LOVE & TRUTH wants to finish with a bang. This is my favorite song on the album because it is so dramatic when it comes to the overall arrangement and it’s one of YUI’s most daring and unique works to date. The strings and YUI’s emphasized vocals add some much needed emotion to the song and I felt that most of the tracks on the album lacked this. Plus, the guitar solo during the bridge is really cool.

Ending the album is a song that just sounds too similar to every other track on here. Am I wrong? is a mid-tempo alternative number that just moves on by. There really isn’t anything interesting going on and I thought it was bad way to the end the album. LOVE & TRUTH would have made a GREAT ending though.

Unfortunately, I LOVED YESTERDAY is an unremarkable album and a step down from YUI’s previous albums FROM ME TO YOU and CAN’T BUY MY LOVE. I really tried to like this album, but I just couldn’t. While she does show off her excellent songwriting skills in every song, the music does not help with showing the descriptive imagery that she sings of. Almost every song on the album, minus the singles and Laugh away, sounds the same and they’re pretty forgettable because of that. There is no variety in the arrangements of the new tracks and they all follow the same style. She definitely stayed within her comfort zone and the overall blandness of this album just proves that. Since the singles were great, I was expecting more. Hopefully, she will return to the sound that made her first 2 albums so good because what she’s doing right now is starting to get old.

Overall Rating

2½ stars


1. Laugh away
2. My Generation
3. Find me
4. No way
5. Namidairo
6. Love is all
7. I will love you
8. We will go
10. My friend
12. Am I wrong?

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  1. GAH YES! i thought that too~ most of the songs sound the same! this album really disappointed me, especially after the last album<3 i was expecting even more! hopefully we’ll see more variety from her next time around

  2. I agree with your review completely, except for the rating at the end. I would give it 3½ stars in total, and judging by your review, I thought you would do the same because the review doesn’t make it sound as if you disliked this album so much. XD Ah well…

    I’m curious what YUI is planning next, hopefully it will be something completely unexpected and new! (Well, one can hope, right) :D

  3. I agree with a lot of what you said, but like Arsal the ending rating kind of surprised me. Simply because you basically had nothing really bad to say about any of the songs, just that some of the album tracks sounded similar. And while I agree that My Friend, Am I Wrong?, and Find Me all sounded similar, that’s all of *three* songs on the album. No Way’s placement might be a little odd, but it sounds completely unique. As you said, We Will Go is totally unique. Love Is All is powerful, and OH YEAH may have seemed bland in parts, but it was infectious and also had a unique tone to it. And then all of the single tracks were not only good, but excellent in every way. Then even the three songs that sounded similar were still pretty good tracks with their moments. So if nothing about the album was exactly bad, and parts of it were downright amazing, I guess I just think 2 and a half stars is a little harsh. However, in general I do agree with the review, and I think her other two albums were more unique and incredible.

  4. Hmm I’m surprised so many people dislike the album so much and you gave it a 2 1/2 rating… Well, I won’t blame anyone, everyone has different opinions. I really like the album anyways, I’m not sure if it’s as good as her previous two, but I still like it a lot. I don’t think all the songs sound THAT similar, yes, some of them have similarities but (almost) all of them have they own greatness. I agree that Namidairo is a little strange after No way (oh well, if you think back, RUIDO also sounded weird after I remember you), but I don’t think it’s a really dramatic thing.
    I really like Daydreamer, it’s so much fun and I found it to be a little more different from her usual rock songs; Love is all is absolutely great, I love the verses and the way she sings the chorus (and check out the lyrics, it’s something surprising from YUI). I guess I’m the only one who really loves Am I wrong?. When the song started, for a moment I thought I’m listening to I will love you/Find me, but the verses and the chorus are both so beautiful, I have been humming it all day… ^^”
    I agree about I will love you, I found it to be relaxing and nice but bland, and I wish Find me had a little more unique chorus, cause it sounds too much like My Generation. I think We will go and LOVE & TRUTH are my least favorites for some weird reason xD We will go is not bad, but not memorable either, LOVE & TRUTH is probably the most unique song on the album because of the arrangement (which I like) but I just SO wish it had a different chorus… kind of ruined the song to me, it’s the only single from YUI which I never could get into.

    I also wish she would do something new, but I’m still fine with the album cause I found it to be really enjoyable. My favorite tracks: Laugh away, Love is all, Namidairo, Am I wrong?, Daydreamer, OH YEAH.

  5. I’m really surprised that so many people, especially a number of YUI fans, didn’t like this album. And it isn’t just because of the arrangement of the album either, even though I think that wasn’t all too well done. They were mostly disappointed with how the songs didn’t shine, much like what you have said above.
    I agree with your reviews on the individual songs, but thought that the way the entire album was crafted together brought her style out really well. Yes, the songs sound pretty much the same (and a little ‘meh alright’), but that’s what I represents her and it really does go nicely with her voice. Her other two albums did seem more interesting, but this one isn’t bad and at least I haven’t gotten sick of it – not yet.
    And I loved Laugh Away so very much. (:

  6. I agree with you there Lex, they all sounded too similar. Well all except the singles and Laugh Away, which is one of my new favorites from YUI.

  7. Actually I find it quite okay…Maybe cause I’m a YUI fan…haha…But this album is a little different from her previous 2 album…I guess its because of the amount of love songs…I dont think she is really suited for love songs..Overall,I still find it quite nice for my liking..

  8. wows, i never thought this was her
    newest album, i saw her filming the PV
    but thought it was just an old PV
    but it tunred out to be her latest album.
    i say it wasnt much of what i expected from her
    i think she could of done more

  9. Hey Lex, I was shocked to see 2 1/2 stars as well. :|

    I do agree with mostly everything you said, especially after trying to distance myself from my extreme YUI-fandom bias.

    A few of the songs sounded somewhat similar, and I just think she needed more time to fully flesh them out. And yes, a little more emotion in YUI’s voice would have made them even better. During a few songs on the album her vocals sound more nasally than usual; was she feeling under the weather?

    Lastly, the album doesn’t shine like YUI’s previous two. I’m sure although everyone can agree with that, no YUI fan would say this was a “bad” album. It just isn’t a great one like those before it.


    PS. Thanks for telling me about the dedication in We will go. I would’ve have known about that otherwise.

  10. blame it on her co-arranger? ? her lyrics are all good~ yea true handful of songs are in-distinct-able but is still good to listen to. 2.5 c’om!

  11. is it true that the lyrics of we will go dedicated to someone? (Izumi Sakai of ZARD) hmm.. just learned that from you..

    well, i loved yesterday may not attract YUI’s fans since she started since it sounds more rockish than her old acoustic tunes. anyway, makes fans of her rock like me happy :D

  12. AWWWWW…….i LOVE this album- its my FAVORiTE! XD it gives of a grey-blue aura, hmm….my 2nd fav, from me to you gives of a magenta pink aura if ya ask me, anyway, i LOVE this album because it brings back memories of being at vietnam on a music tour in year 6. i remember listening to the album for the first time ever on the plane and particularly being fond of daydreamer, love is all, i will love you, find me and no way. i dont remember what i thought of LOVE&TRUTH, but i LOVE IT now. i already loved Am i wrong and Laugh away before hearing the official album tho. my generation, i TRIED to like it, but it just didnt catch my ears as much as the others. i jsut didnt like it enough, but it makes a great tune; i founfd this song gave off a light green aura, find me- grey blue like the album, daydreamer- sunset yellow, love is all- purple grey, i will love you- pale blue,Love&truth, deep navy and….i only remember that. GREAT ALBUM

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