Ai Otsuka – Rocket Sneaker / One×Time

June 18, 2008 at 8:59 AM | Posted in Ai Otsuka | 5 Comments

1. Rocket Sneaker (ロケットスニーカー)
2. One×Time
3. Sora to Kujira (空とくじら)
4. Rocket Sneaker (Instrumental)
5. One×Time (Instrumental)

This is Ai Otsuka’s 17th single and it was released on May 21, 2008. The single reached #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 42,152 copies. The first track was used as the ending theme song for the drama Sanma no Manma.

I liked how Rocket Sneaker was a new approach to Ai Otsuka’s upbeat songs. The song is not too crazy or laid back, it’s just right and it works brilliantly. The music has a whimsical, yet assertive sound through its mixture of fast paced piano chords and electric guitar riffs. The same goes for the Otsuka’s fun vocals. For me, this was the best song on the single and a nice improvement over the songs from her previous single Pocket.

The second A-side is like a more mellow version of Rocket Sneaker. One×Time shares similar qualities, including a fluffy arrangement, but it is stronger when it comes to the strings and acoustics. In the end, this song compliments the previous track quite well.

The coupling track, Sora to Kujira, starts off boring and I didn’t find it all that interesting until the end. It’s a simple acoustic guitar song that eventually picks up with drums and electric riffs, but Otsuka has done better. The second half of the song makes up for the boring first half, but that’s not enough to save it.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. That’s what I love most about Rocket Sneaker; the piano. Also, her gritty vocals was a change to her ‘cutesy’ ones.
    I grown to like to One×Time but it doesn’t impact me alot.
    Personally, I found Sora to Kujira to be better than One×Time. It’s wonderful to hear Ai try a new music style and for to be competely gorgeous, IMO.
    I agree with this single being better than Pocket.

  2. I think that Sora to Kujira is the best song out of the bunch. It’s so sweet and the melody is gorgeous. I have to disagree with you and you said that it starts off boring. I think this is one of her better songs.

  3. I really enjoyed the whole single and Sora to Kujira was definitely a nice change from her usual type of arrangements, a very sweet acoustic piece

  4. It’s taking me a while to get used to her new style, but I’ve gotten to like it. I really like this single now!

  5. I think Sora to Kujira is the best track of the whole album,it is not the kind that will attract you the first time you listen to it,the musical arrangements are very good.
    And,i want to say that the starting is NOT boring!
    I simply love it~

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