[Feature!] Top 10 Album Covers

July 16, 2008 at 3:35 PM | Posted in ~Features! | 17 Comments

I thought my blog needed a little spicing up so I decided to add some special articles. I looooove creating lists and all that junk so I hope this will be the first of many of new features here at Beyond the Sea.

The first feature here will be my top 10 favorite album covers! I’m a whore for cover arts, especially albums, so this list was actually kind of hard to make. I’m extremely picky when it comes to this stuff too. This list is in no particular order~

♦ ♦ ♦

There’s something about Nami Tamaki’s Speciality that I find very striking. It definitely stands out compared to her other covers as well. This is the CD+DVD edition and it features a side shot of Tamaki (compared to the CD only’s frontal shot). The purple color scheme is very sleek and it includes the huge glasses and the thick borders. The text as well as its placement is good too (I’m very very very critical when it comes to text).

For me, the cover of Utada Hikaru’s DEEP RIVER is iconic. It shows such a bare, yet dignified depiction of the singer and since the cover is monochrome, it just pumps up that effect. I love simple (and textless!) covers and this is one of the best.

This is an awesome, traditional Japanese styled cover. Tsukiko Amano’s Tenryuu shows her in a red and white kimono sitting in front of very elaborate background. It’s so intricate and detailed! Plus, the red diamond on lower left corner contains the title too.

I have one word to describe this cover: CUTE! The cover of Mika Nakashima’s LOVE has a brilliant shot of her with a little smirk on her face and an orchid in her mouth. I thought that adding the orchid was indeed lovely. There’s also her HAIR! It’s her best look ever.

This is one of those covers that do not match the lyrical content of the album. Miwako Okuda’s debut album Futari (“two people” in this context) was EMO, plain and simple. The cover is mysterious because you don’t completely see the second person that she is with. Plus, I’m not sure what that drawing that they’re touching is (even with the large high quality scan I have). Thoughts anyone?

I loved the theme of Namie Amuro’s PLAY. This is the CD+DVD edition and it shows her in a sexy cop/dominatrix outfit. Several elements of the cover like the riding crop, the tie, and the hat just scream style. The “PLAY” logo is also very cool.

The cover of melody.’s Lei Aloha easily gets my pick for best scenery. Shot in Hawaii, the cover is natural beauty at its absolute best. The cloudy sky, ocean waves, and green mountains are spectacular. Like with her other albums, the text is in white Ariel font to keep with tradition. Also, this her first album cover to not be a close up shot.

Ai Otsuka’s 4th album, appropriately titled LOVE PiECE, has a really creative cover. Comprised of 6 photos representing a different color, each picture is a piece of a puzzle that creates the final product. I loved this concept and how each different picture combined to make just one in a neat jigsaw format.

This is another memorable cover for me. Do As Infinity’s debut album BREAK OF DAWN shows an amazing monochrome shot of the band who are completely dressed in black with lead singer Tomiko Van up front. The left side is interesting as seems to begin to repeat. The yellow text really stands out too since it contrasts with the picture.

OMG! This is probably my favorite album cover in existence. The cover of BONNIE PINK’s Present is an insanely vivid mix of colors, pastels, and hues. I love her pose and facial expression too. I prefer the booklet’s cover since it’s tinted blue (the first pressing slipcase is pink).

♦ ♦ ♦

So there you have it! Stay tuned for the next feature which will be even bigger: my top 15 single covers! Yep, that’s right: there will be 15 since I like A LOT of them.



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  1. ooh yay, these are like the random posts that often appear at Stereolove, I LOVE IT!

  2. Oh and glad to see Hikki made the list, her covers arent as extravagant as others but I still love them.

  3. I love Nami’s as well. It happens to be my fave album from her, too.
    You’re a sucker for monochrome and picky towards covers, too?
    I prefer the CD only cover of PLAY. Something about the nurse outfit.
    I think the drawing on Miwako’s is supposed to be yin and yang. Wow, that would make the album even more ironic.
    Keep with the lists!

  4. I liked them all except “Play” and “Love Piece”! Interesting list, I think I’ll try Okuda’s album now~

  5. you are just SOOOOO COOOOLLLL



    yes, i love Hikki’s cover and DAI.

    btw. Tsukiko Amano [which you got me into by the way] that cover is GORGEOUS!! AND NAMI TAMAKI’S OMG!! lol i totally want those shades.

    Mika does look incredibly cute in the album one! lol

    PLAY=SEXY lol.

    =D i can’t wait for the next list!

  6. pssttt… btw. Sporky [the first comment guy]

    a friend of mine, we talk in a hikki forum alot ^_^ i told him about you!! HEE HEE lol

  7. Trisha: I talk to you alot? -wait- X0Blaze from gaiaonline? Is that you?

  8. Oh wow.
    This made me think of my random obsession posts.
    Anyway, I’ll agree with Bonnie Pinks cover.
    I love those colors.
    And Ai Otsukas one was so creative.
    And Tsukiko Amano has always has the most amazing covers.
    I have a feeling you might have the cover for Koe (or whatever it was called) for the singles list.

    For me, I always loved the cover to Hitomi Shimatanis crossover album.

  9. I have one word to describe this cover: CUTE!
    U R GHEY!! ;D

    Nice feature, I like that you mix it up sometimes!

  10. love DEEP RIVER and Futari, I’ve always thought that they thing they’re touching is paint cause it looks like there’s two big blobs of paint swirled just a touch. and love the creativity of LOVE PiECE and slickness of PLAY

    it’ll be interesting to see your single covers…there’s so many to choose from…

  11. =O Blackmager’s here too! it’s like a reunion!
    ( I’m on computer at my summer computer class, I’m pretty sure i’m not suppose to be doing this, but oh well lol.)

  12. I loved Ayu’s Secret CD+DVD cover, so pretty and sparkly! I do agree with you on all the covers I’ve seen before. What a great post.

  13. Yeah, I love these lists that you do, they’re fun to look at. I really like all the covers you chose for this list, especially the simple ones. Those always have a weird effect on me.

  14. @ Sporky

    yes dear it is me…

    >8D I AM x0 BLAZE!!


  15. […] [Feature!] Top 10 Album Covers […]

  16. Otsuka Ai’s love piece album happens to be one of my favorite all time albums.
    I love the cover too.
    She always has good album covers, IMO
    I think the Do As Infinity cover looked like someone found a really cool image online and added the yellow font in paint, but I do love the overall image.

  17. I wanna go through the list

    Speciality – I agree, the simplicity of it all is nice but I love Make Progress more.

    Deep River – So true, All her albums are almost like that too, which is kind of nice for me.

    Tenryuu – OMG, Im in love with music now…I liked her MOON CHILD IN THE SKY more since I like Star Wars XD!!

    LOVE – Not that I haven’t heard a lot of her music, her album covers are stunning I’m stuck between MUSIC or LOVE for best cover.

    Futari – Yea, she’s dark and this cover kinda tricks you into thinking it isn’t! I think the painting represent a boy and girl and by touching makes them closer and as one I think???

    PLAY – I think dominatrix for the cover, which is a scary thing. Still for an album that good, the cover actually makes sense, but I agree I like the nurse’s outfit more.

    Lei Aloha – Perfect cover for the album…Since it was taken on Hawaii and she’s from Hawaii and the songs have a Hawaiian feel to it, it ties in perfectly.

    LOVE PiECE – I’m a fan of her album covers. This one was a little strange for me. I did like how they slipped a shot from LOVE COOK as one of the pieces, kooky idea.

    BREAK OF DAWN – I haven’t heard the album to save my life , but I like the repeating cover, kinda ties things together eh?

    Present – Another album I wanna listen to…BONNIE looks quite cute on the pastel cover, I agree 100&% Lex

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