It’s about time!

August 13, 2008 at 6:15 PM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 14 Comments

Coming soon!

Yep, that’s right. It’s alan! She is the songstress from China that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Her style of incorporating the folk music of her homeland Tibet is quite interesting and she also has a tremendous voice to back it up. In Japan, she is under the avex trax label and released her debut Japanese single Ashita e no Sanka in November 2007. Expect a review of it as well as reviews of her latest releases too.



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  1. Yes! I love alan! Can’t wait to see your thoughts on her! Eeee, I’m so excited and I dunno why! xD

  2. I keep hearing about her and put off listening to her…but maybe I should start…

  3. Yessss i <3 alan sooooo much. Her singles are great and shes way too under rated. Well at least her first two singles are, the others atleast make it to top 20.

    Ashita e no Sanka’s vocals and arrangement are love

  4. OMG! This made my day!!!!!! lol I can’t wait until the first review!

  5. Yay!
    I’ve been waiting for you to get to her.
    She’s pretty awesome.
    I gotta get back to her later.
    I’ve been busy with my string music lately.

  6. Yay! Finally!

    She’s a really solid singer with a touch of unique-ness.

  7. awesome Lex , I can’t wait to see what you will review on alan . I only recently got to know her music & she’s not bad at all

  8. she is awesome…
    anyone know how many single she had release?

  9. ^ Right now she has 4, and there’s one in production right now for September, and an untitled one for October, as well as November. And we should be seeing an album also in november.

  10. alan is <3. welcome to the alan bandwagon!!

  11. although her singles aren’t selling as well as we hope, i really believe that her debut album will be a hit. i think people are just holding out until her first album, but that’s just my 2 cents. (^_^)

  12. i never even heard of her, BUT I’M DOWN FOR A LISTEN. ^.~ i love you and your thoughts. SO YA… lol

  13. Yay alan!

  14. @radiant: the October one is not untitled. It’s called “RED CLIFF ~Shin Sen~”

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