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3. I DON’T KNOW (Instrumental)
4. SHUT UP (Instrumental)

This is Mika Nakashima’s 26th single and it was released on July 23, 2008. The single reached #11 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 17,708 copies.

Mika Nakashima is back in the realm of rock! This time she has collaborated with the female comedy group Morisanchuu to create a new unit called MICA 3 CHU. Both of the songs on this single are entirely in English and they were written by Nakashima and Lori Fine.

So we all know that Nakashima is no stranger to rock music since she released some singles and even an album as “NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA”. I DON’T KNOW is a different kind of rock song and it has been labeled as ‘girls angry rock’ according to her official website. Compared to Nakashima’s NANA works, the music is more punk inspired and there is a lot of attitude in the lyrics. Let’s just say that she is tired of all the crap that the media expects from her and she gives a simple answer in response: “I don’t know!”. Her English hasn’t improved or anything but you can understand what she says most of the time. The 3 members of Morisanchuu actually play the instruments as well as provide background vocals. They also add some comic relief to the song with the random English they blurt out at the end. In the end, I think of I DON’T KNOW as something that’s not to be taken all that seriously.

The B-side follows the same style of I DON’T KNOW but features a more aggressive arrangement with the additional sounds of screeching tires appearing every now and then. These chicks are pissed and they just want you to SHUT UP! This song has even angrier lyrics but I also found them to be quite funny. Hearing Nakashima say “F off!” was just golden.

Overall Rating 

3½ stars



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  1. I hated this single so much. She needs to go back into the jazz style. I loved songs like Love Addict, SEVEN…

  2. I LOVED THIS SINGLE!! lol. it’s cute and fun. lol. i don’t mind her going back and forth with her jazz or rock.

    it’s pretty freaking cool.

    lol. this song makes me feel like a powerful woman. lol and screaming I DON’T KNOW!!




    GO MICA 3 CHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  3. I though this single was great as well. SHUT UP is an instant head banger. I don’t think MIKA should keep this up for any longer, but it was a nice change.

  4. Well, i hate “Nana starring Mika Nakashima”, why?

    Because it just not punk! Come on, read Nana manga (comic) version n u know Black Stone music is punk-rock. Basically like Sex Pistols music.

    But, MICA3CHU more punk!

    And it makes me wonder, why not this single out when Mika Nakashima starring in Nana movie??

    Wonder why.

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