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August 23, 2008 at 11:02 AM | Posted in alan | 5 Comments

1. Hitotsu (ひとつ)
2. Kimi Omou Sora (君想フ空)
3. Tokyo Mimei (東京未明)
4. sign
5. Hitotsu (Instrumental)
6. Kimi Sora Omou (Instrumental)
7. Tokyo Mimei (Instrumental)

This is alan’s 2nd single and it was released on March 5, 2008. The single reached #100 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 1,486 copies.

While most of alan’s other songs took some time for me to start liking, I was instantly taken by the beauty of Hitotsu in just one listen. Similar to her debut single Ashita e no Sanka, it is also a ballad. The music is more like the J-pop ballads that you normally hear these days, but the oriental strings that appear during the instrumental sections provide the traditional twist. I absolutely loved alan’s vocals in this song and they are just mesmerizing from beginning to end. The chorus definitely stands out thanks to her powerful opening vocals and even though it is not as eye popping as the chorus of Ashita e no Sanka, it sounded more graceful and the way it flowed seemed better.

The B-sides are quite pleasant too. The first one is Kimi Omou Sora and it’s a cute mid-tempo pop number. The music has a nice drum beat with some upbeat piano and chimes that create a cheery atmosphere. alan’s vocals are nice as well and she sings in a calm, relaxing fashion.

Tokyo Mimei is similar to the previous track, but it’s a little slower and more acoustic based. I liked the low key strings mixed with the guitars and beats because they all sounded very serene together. alan also displays fuller vocals but still keeps everything rather laid back too.

The last B-side is an all instrumental track that features distorted vocals and harmonies. sign is yet another interesting mix of the traditional and the modern. There is definitely an oriental sound going on but it is done with various synthetic instruments and beats. The overall presentation of this instrumental track is actually pretty cool and it’s a great addition to the single.

Overall Rating

5 stars



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  1. Cool another 5 star single from alan lol but it really does desrve it, when i first heard ashita e no sanksa i didn’t like it, but when i listened to hitotsu i was like OMG I LOVE THIS. So i went back to listen to her first single and now i <3 that too

  2. hitotsu doesn’t really appeal to me and i prefer listening to Kimi Omou Sora and tokyo minmei.

    her latest single sora no uta is pleasant to my ears too.

  3. hmm, I agree that this single is 5 stars but I guess we have different first tastes because I was absolutely entranced by Ashita e no Sanka first listen but Hitotsu I was like eh…I went back to it after Nastukashii Mirai and now I really like it but it’s still my least fav A-side.

    But I’m glad you like it. Shows her songs appeal to many different people with each song :)

  4. So does “Hitotsu” mean “one”?

  5. Wow. alan is nothing short of amazing. I just finished listening to her first four singles (plus the digital songs) and I’m very impressed.

    Even while singing in Japanese alan’s Chinese vocals are ever present which lends itself to her own unique identity among J-Pop artists.

    Her early singles have been a strong show of her amazing vocals and have firmly sent her musical style into place.

    alan is one artist to keep your eyes on. ^_^

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