alan – Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~

September 8, 2008 at 10:14 PM | Posted in alan | 7 Comments

1. Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~
    (懐かしい未来 ~longing future~)
2. Seed of Green
3. Gasshou [Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~]
    (合唱 [懐かしい未来 ~longing future~])
4. Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~
5. Seed of Green (Instrumental)

This is alan’s 3rd single and it was released on July 2, 2008. The single reached #19 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 10,267 copies.

After Ashita e no Sanka and Hitotsu, alan embarked on a pretty hectic release schedule. She is currently in the middle of releasing 5 consecutive singles in 5 months, each one representing an element of the “godai” or Japan’s version of the classical elements of nature that were influenced by Buddhism. The first single in this series was Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~ which represented the element of earth.
I do think that this was a song worthy of representing the earth as it features a very organic and naturalistic sound. The song begins with minimal instruments and calm vocals but it eventually picks up for the chorus where some strings and stronger percussion come in. I thought that the chorus was pretty catchy and while the music is still within the realm of being a ballad, it’s more upbeat than her last 2 singles. There are also some great sequences that feature alan performing those signature power vocals while some nice background vocals chant “beautiful world” alongside her. All in all, this was another gorgeous song from her and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Seed of Green continues the earth theme of the single but in a more pop inspired fashion. The music includes some light beats and chimes next to the ambient sounds of nature like running water and the chirping of birds. alan keeps her vocals pretty reserved throughout the entire song but that’s okay since she still sounds radiant. Keep it up with the fantastic B-sides, alan!

Also on the single is a gasshou or choir chorus version of Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~. This version is reduced to just the piano and I don’t think alan is in it (OR IS SHE?!). Anyway, the choir vocals are okay and nothing special but the piano arrangement is extremely well done. This could have been better if alan was in it to spice things up but whatever.

Overall Rating

4½ stars



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  1. great review Lex . I can’t wait to hear what you’re gonna talk about when comes to Sora Uta :D

  2. Yaaay~ O:

    Yeah I agree, Natsukashii Mirai is a perfect single for an ‘earth’ sound. Can’t wait for Sora Uta!

    Love the banner by the way.

  3. Right now, this is my favorite alan song! =D

    So when’s Lex going to make a nice alan banner? :P

  4. love the new banner! and love the review =] btw. since you put up the new banner =D when you going to do you single cover fav list? lol.

    i would love to see your list!

  5. […] alan – Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~ […]

  6. I agree with this single!!! alan RULES!! I would given it five stars but hey, these songs are friggin awesome and I’m glad we both like em! Hurry for alan!!

  7. btw… I think the third track is sung by a children’s choir… kawaii ne? =P

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