alan – Kaze no Tegami

October 1, 2008 at 8:43 PM | Posted in alan | 10 Comments

1. Kaze no Tegami (風の手紙)
2. Kagome (かごめ)
3. Kaze no Tegami (Instrumental)
4. Kagome (Instrumental)

This is alan’s 5th single and it was released on September 10, 2008. The single reached #34 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 3,914 copies.

There is something very Ayumi Hamasaki about Kaze no Tegami, the 3rd release in alan’s 5 elemental singles campaign. This time, the theme is the wind and I definitely got Ayu vibes from the music. Honestly, it sounds like something she would sing during her I am… and RAINBOW days. Anyway, it was great to see alan perform an even more aggressive song that is musically stronger than the likes of her previous single Sora Uta. This is her most “pop” sounding A-side to date and the first to not include any of her signature mountain vocals. There are also prominent electric guitars alongside the typical beats, chimes, and synth. The electric guitar sequences are pretty awesome but the solo that appears during the bridge felt out of place since it just kind of “shows up” after the 2nd verse.

The B-side, Kagome, has a similar arrangement to that of Kaze no Tegami but the instrumentation is toned down and takes a more traditional approach. However, the music is still quite progressive and it elevates into a profound chorus. The bridge felt out of place in this song too and it features electric guitars with some wailing in the background. 

Overall Rating 

3½ stars



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  1. 1st to comment & I must say that this’s 1 of my fave alan singles . I wouldn’t have thought that she can carry off a rock song but she did it pretty well for that matter & both single covers are <3

    now’s to wait for RED CLIFF to be released in less than 2 weeks’s time yay :D

  2. I really liked this song but i think your right bout the ayu thing. That and the video also reminded me of Ayu’s because of you video a lil bit

  3. I really liked Kaze no Tegami, but I do agree it sounded Ayu-ish. But I still really like it.

  4. I think it’s the arrangement that makes it sound like something Ayu would do… maybe she was working with the same arrangers, or maybe Ayu is a huge influce… at any rate, the song sounds nice.

  5. you’re kidding me, right… 3 1/2 is all this song gets…?!!! How cruel! Both songs are so awesome!

  6. […] alan – Kaze no Tegami […]

  7. wow! you got featured on International Wota! congratulations!

  8. really??
    I would’ve given this single 5 stars all the way but hey, it’s your review XD
    I do agree with there being something very Ayu about it :)

  9. I love I am… it was an awesome album. And I LOVE this single, she’s gotten a lot better at mastering other genres besides ballads. And about the whole Ayu thing, there was a magazine promoting her newest album and in between it all was Kaze no Tegami xD I thought it was pretty funny, it’s like she might be the next Ayu. But great single overall!

  10. I Love alan! And this is my first single that got me to know her more. The reason she sounded Ayu-like maybe it’s because her producer is Yuta Nakano (the one who composed Ayu’s recent releases, e.g Mirrorcle World, Marionette) and alan’s music arranger was Kazuhito Kikuchi (Ayu’s arranger too in songs like SURREAL, vogue, Who… etc.)

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