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October 18, 2008 at 10:48 PM | Posted in ~Features! | 10 Comments

Now it’s time for the blog’s 2nd feature! This is a list of my top 15 single covers. Actually, thinking of only 15 was harder than I thought because I like so many single covers. In the end, I chose covers that were aesthetically pleasing to me (among other things). Just like the last post, the list is no particular order. Here we go!

♦ ♦ ♦

Starting off this list is a cover that is trippy and really far out. To simply put it, Utada Hikaru’s traveling is a visual mindfuck. I love the scattered colors and Utada looks like she is actually moving or “traveling”. There is too much going on in the cover to comprehend but it looks really abstract and stylish.

Ami Suzuki is a fierce bitch. She pretty much showed how fierce she was with the cover of ONE. I posted the CD only edition because I think it’s the better cover and her pose is hot as well. I really liked the fluorescent colors of the background and her sparkly multicolor dress went good with that.

What’s Mai Kuraki doing here?! I will admit that almost all of her covers are pretty plain but 2004’s Ashita e Kakeru Hashi stands out. She looks pretty here and the watercolor effect of the background is very nice.

I’m pretty sure that you can pinpoint why main reason why I included the cover of Ken Hirai’s Canvas / Kimi wa Su・te・ki♡ on this list. The Ferris wheel, of course! The superimposed lights of the Ferris wheel are hypnotizing and take half of the image, so it catches the eye’s attention. Ken’s not looking bad either. ;D

The only monochrome cover on the list is Hitomi Shimatani’s Mahiru no Tsuki. I think that this a very elegant cover and Hitomi looks gorgeous too. There is also an old fashioned aspect about the image due to how grainy it is.

This was sort of a last minute thing but I decided to include alan’s Sora Uta on the list. I chose the CD+DVD cover and there is something really captivating about the image. The blue sky with the rays of sunlight shining behind her make for a really majestic looking cover in my opinion.

A personal favorite of mine. BONNIE PINK’s 2003 single Tonight, the Night has such a whimsical feel to it. The purple and yellow on her face is a really cool effect and I loved the city lights in the background too. It’s interesting how her body is transparent and the lights can be seen through her as well.

Hey, it’s YUI! The CD only cover of the I remember you single is actually my favorite cover from her and for one big reason. IS THAT A SMIRK, YUI?! She obviously looks better when she smiles and this is seriously the only cover where she does that. The winding road surrounded by foliage as the background is pleasant too.

YEAH YEAH, I love Koda Kumi’s Ai no Uta. Get over it. I love the covers even more though. I chose the CD+DVD edition because it shows Kumi next to the giant glass teardrop, my favorite thing about the cover (even her nails are like that too!). The overall image is very pretty and Kumi looks the part as well.

Of course the J-diva herself would make an appearance on this list. The cover of Ayumi Hamasaki’s BLUE BIRD is so vibrant and visually appealing. I chose the CD only edition (or Jacket C) because I think it’s the best of the 3 covers of this single. I like the bright fabrics featured in the picture and Ayu looks stunning as usual.

I find the cover of Tsukiko Amano’s Koe to be somewhat haunting. Blue is my favorite color and it is used to full effect in this cover. Even though you can’t tell here, Tsukiko is wearing a Gothic lolita inspired outfit and she is looking quite fierce. The ocean like background with the intricate white flower designs is beautiful.

The perfect cover for the winter season! BoA’s Meri Kuri has a very cute cover, showing her in a yellow dress and looking up as the snow is falling. The urban city landscape was a nice touch too.

This has got to be one of Mika Nakashima’s prettiest covers. Sakurairo Mau Koro  has a lot of pink, but in a good way. I really liked how the background is like a painting, showing pastel colors with the cherry blossoms looming overhead. It also shows Mika in a pink dress sitting next to a piano (hey, she’s not Angela Aki! XD).

By far my one of my favorite covers ever is of KOKIA’s 2003 single Kawaranai Koto ~since1976~. The picture is a side shot of her with a gorgeous fading sunset as it transitions into night. I think that is the only time that she is shown with almost completely black hair and she looks pretty different. This is also one of those few instances where I love the text. It’s very artistic with the animals in the letters.

The final cover on the list is also one of my all-time favorites. Ai Otsuka’s Kingyo Hanabi is amazing and the cover I chose is the CD only edition. It’s simple but the sparklers surrounding her give the image flair and overall it’s a very cool effect. It also interesting how the sparklers are falling down like rain.

♦ ♦ ♦

Wow, that actually took longer than I thought. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed reading (and looking at) this post! I’ll think of more features later since there will be less things to review as the end of the year comes around.



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  1. HA!
    I knew you were going to put Koe on there.

    And all those covers are so pretty.
    And high quality.
    I never seem to get high quality, or at least pictures THAT pretty and clear.

    I really liked Koda Kumis concept, and I like YUIs cover. Something actually different frorm her.

  2. Yay, visual mindfuck!

  3. finally! I’ve been waiting for this post since I read your favorite album covers post. I really love these kinds of posts, I should put more on my blog, I suppose.

    I agree, YUI’s best cover has got to be I remember you, she just looks a lot prettier.

  4. yep yep, you picked some awesome covers!!

    “Ai no Uta” “Kingyo Hanabi” and “Sora Uta” are all gorgeous and I love them too!!
    The Shimatani Hitomi one is veryyyy pretty as well. Great post Lex!

  5. that is one of Utada’s most unique covers.

  6. excellent choices! lol i loved Utada hikaru’s traveling picture, and it was nice to see Ai’s Kingyo Hanabi, ^_^

    excellent choices ^_^

  7. I like these choices as well. Utada’s traveling cover definitely deserved a spot!

  8. Ami Suzuki is a fierce bitch. Agreed. I refound my love for FREE FREE/SUPER MUSIC MAKER. I’m so looking forward to her new album, which apparently listens like Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor.

  9. I love all of those covers, so pretty! That and they look so nice. And I love it when Kuu’s covers feature her and her awesome nails, there’s a reason why she’s won best nail art a few times in a row.

  10. *giggles merrily* Very interesting choices Lex. I’m very familiar with most of these covers and I must agree (from the perspective of a J-Pop fan and Designer) that you have great taste with album covers. Personally, I think alan’s singles all have lovely covers (and two versions!) that are among some of the most delicious I’ve ever seen (and she’s such a jewel to the eye! <3 )
    I just got into Suzuki Ami and I’m liking her more and more! Any recommendations?
    I’m glad YUI made the list! This is also one of my favorite single covers due to the immensity of YUI’s cuteness with such a sneaky smirk and the lush greenery behind her. I really liked her Good-bye days cover as well. ^_^

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