misono – Kazoku no Hi / Aburazemi♀(Osaka Version) -Piano Version-

November 10, 2008 at 6:49 PM | Posted in misono | 6 Comments

1. Kazoku no Hi (家族の日)
2. Aburazemi♀ (Osaka Version) -Piano Version-
 (アブラゼミ♀ (大阪バージョン) -ピアノ・バージョン-)
3. music letter
4. Aburazemi♀ (Osaka Version) -TV Size-
    (アブラゼミ♀ (大阪バージョン) -TVサイズ-)
5. Kazoku no Hi -instrumental-

This is misono’s 11th single and it was released on October 29, 2008. The single reached #23 on the Oricon Charts and sold 5,588 copies.

Kazoku no Hi is one of those “thank you mom and dad” kind of songs but set to a pretty good pop rock sound. It starts off with just acoustics but it transitions into catchy electric guitars for the 1st chorus. The instrumental sections are nice since they feature stronger riffs too. While I do like the overall melody, it tends to drag on and start getting repetitive, which is the only real flaw of the song. For being over 5 minutes in length, it’s too long.

For those who don’t know, misono is a regular on the popular game show Quiz! Hexagon II. It’s so popular in that it has its own special music units who perform songs for the show (even a compilation album was released and it hit #1 on Oricon). Aburazemi♀ (Osaka Version) is one of them and the original version is a duet between misono and comedian Hiroshi Shinagawa.
The piano version, which is exclusive to this single, is performed by just misono. The piano chords have a nice, playful vibe to them and are the best thing about the song. misono’s vocals are controlled most of time, but there are times when she strains her voice. I also have to note that this song is 8 freaking minutes long and gets boring about halfway through.

The next track is a song that only features simple music box chimes. music letter COULD have been good, but misono’s overly emotional vocals kind of ruin it. I guess she was crying throughout the entire thing but it seriously hinders her singing. She’s done this before with Last Song and I didn’t like that song either.

The original version of Aburazemi♀ (Osaka Version) appears as track 4 but in a shortened, TV Size format. I like it more than the piano version because it sounds better as a duet and more suited with its acoustic arrangement. Surprisingly, misono and Hiroshi Shinagawa sound good together.

Overall Rating

3 stars



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  1. I know this really isn’t really relevant to this review, but Misono really bothers me on this cover.

  2. To blackmager: She kinda looks old on it, doesn’t she? And she’s so young. Younger than her sister. :3

    I agree, though. ‘Kazoku no Hi’ is a good song, but it just drags on too long. It would have been better had it have been shorter.

    Misono! What happened to those hardcore rock songs like ‘Zasetsu Chiten’ and ‘Ninin Sankyaku’?!

  3. She is extremely talented and has a lot of drive
    but she did her better work with Masato Kitano and
    Daisuke Suzuki from “Day After Tomorrow”

  4. What a joy to find such clear thikinng. Thanks for posting!

  5. Wooot! great adventure! Sayang lang we didn’t meet when u came here to Cebu. was celebrating my bday that time kc (would’ve invited you sana :P)Hope to see u this Cebu Blog Camp 2011

  6. Drove 9 hours to shoot photos … AND ride Thunderhead 71 times!! Got lots of Christmas shopping done, too. Dollywood is an awesome park with something for everyone and some of the nicest employees you'd ever want to meet. Here's a shout-out to the operating crew on Thunderhead who made this trip a whole lot of fun. I have to vote them my favorite ride crew of 2011.

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