Rie fu – Romantic

November 27, 2008 at 12:23 AM | Posted in Rie fu | 5 Comments

1. Romantic
2. In The Airplane
3. Money Will Love You

This is Rie fu’s 11th single and it was released on November 12, 2008. The single reached #100 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

I was very surprised when I first heard Romantic because it is something completely different from Rie fu. Most people who have listened to Rie fu before know of her trademark folk pop and rock music, but Romantic was unexpected and just came out of nowhere. First all, the song is produced by Taku Takahashi from the popular hip hop group m-flo and is characterized by its dance-like electronic sound, stoic beats, and distorted stringwork. I actually think the arrangement is pretty cool when it mixes all of these unique elements together as the music progresses. Initially, my biggest concern about the song was how Rie fu would handle it vocally and she does pretty well, considering she’s performing out of her comfort zone. It makes me wonder if she will ultimately take a new direction with her music or if this was just a one-time experiment. Nonetheless, I was impressed by this song and its refreshing sound.

The first B-side is Rie fu’s signature style, but there is definitely a change in disposition when it comes to the music. In The Airplane presents a funkier, more aggressive Rie fu with an arrangement that comes off as psychedelic. I really like the band instruments in the song, especially the electric guitars, but the whacky use of a synthesizer was an interesting touch. They are most prominent during the bouncy chorus.

Now we have a mellow acoustic based song, something that Rie fu does quite well. Money Will Love You is uneventful but sweet at the same time. Next to the basic acoustic guitar, there are also some gentle piano chords and percussion which provide a some extra emphasis to the music. The melody of the chorus is the most memorable thing about the song as well. I have to admit that “money will love you” line is catchy.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. I’m not completely in love with “Romantic” as it is not something I love particular. I still enjoy her trademark folk, rock style. But her past singles and albums did not sell well, and she’s recently switched label, maybe that’s the reason.

  2. I think I liked her old style better. xD

  3. I agree with Taelin and Jo. I actually found this single subpar to her others.. ><

  4. I really enjoyed the departure from her old material, the new single’s style fits her really well.

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