K – 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~

December 12, 2008 at 1:51 PM | Posted in K | 4 Comments

K - 525600min. ~Seasons of love~Tracklisting
1. 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~
2. LISTEN ~Seasons of Love~
3. A Year A Lifetime ~Seasons of Love~
4. 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~ -less vocal-

This is K’s 11th single and it was released on November 5, 2008. The single reached #49 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 2,146 copies. All of the tracks on the single sample the song Seasons of Love from the Broadway musical Rent.

525600min. ~Seasons of Love~ has got to be K’s best single in quite a while. The last A-side that I thoroughly enjoyed from him was First Christmas which was back in late 2006 if that’s any indicator. Anyway, this song is a uplifting pop tune that is mixed with nice R&B and jazz undertones. I really liked how it samples the original Seasons of Love as well because the parts that K’s song borrow serve as great transitions into the chorus and contribute to the overall flow. The bridge also features lyrics from the original song as well. If you’re wondering why a song from Rent was the inspiration for this single, it’s because K plays the character of Roger in the Japanese version of the musical.

The 2 B-sides feature similar samples but they are both ballads. LISTEN ~Seasons of Love~ is more like K’s usual piano and R&B tinged style plus some additional percussion. K’s vocals are fantastic and he excels at performing slower paced songs like this. His B-sides always seem to be of high quality too.

A Year A Lifetime ~Seasons of Love~ is slower paced and more piano driven than the previous track but it’s the better of the two B-sides. This song samples a little bit of the piano arrangement heard in Seasons of Love and K sings its main melody with the English lyrics plus some new Japanese lyrics. Overall, it’s a very pretty track that’s performed extremely well.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. Still gotta listen to the song fully since it’s Christmas and all.
    But damn K’s hot.

  2. can I know how you still get info on singles and albums when wiki.theppn is down?

  3. ^ Yeah I second that! lol.
    Interesting… It’s been a while since I’ve listened to K as well. I almost forgot he exists! XD

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