[Feature!] It’s a Christmas post, bitch.

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The main reason of this post was so I could show off that awesome picture, but I also want to share my favorite Christmas and winter themed J-pop songs too! It was pretty easy to compile this list but it was kind of hard choosing my favorite winter J-pop songs. There’s a lot that I like but I managed to narrow it down to 10 songs.

BoA – Meri Kuri
I think this is an example of the perfect Christmas song. Released back in December 2004, Meri Kuri still remains of the BoA’s most popular Japanese songs to date. She has a lot of good winter songs, but this one has the perfect atmosphere for the holiday season. The single also has some winter songs as well including the upbeat MEGA STEP and a nice cover of The Christmas Song.

Do As Infinity – We are.
Released in November 2000, back when Do As Infinity was still a fairly new band, they released this awesome Christmas themed song. We are. is very cool in that it incorporated the band’s pop rock style into the mix with a combination of strings, electric guitar, and bells. It’s a lively song as well, focusing on the main lyric “We were born amid the thousands of stars”. It’s one of the band’s most unique tracks too.

Every Little Thing – Koi wo Shiteiru
The ideal winter love song! In an ironic twist, this double A-side single was released on Halloween! Every Little Thing’s Koi wo Shiteiru was one of my favorite ballads of 2007 and one of the duo’s best songs in recent memory. This is a sweeping winter ballad and it’s very pretty as well. The single’s other track, a cover of Noriyuki Makihara’s Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo, was pretty good as well.

Hitomi Shimatani – Konayuki
In November 2002, Hitomi Shimatani released a winter themed mini-album titled Poinsettia ~Amairo Winter Memories~ and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best one. Shining and CHAIN got nothing on it!  The first track, Konayuki, is my favorite song off the mini-album. It is such a gorgeous song and Shimatani’s voice is positively radiant. This was around the time her she was beginning to improve vocally as well and it really shows in that song.

K – First Christmas
Here is a Christmas song with some soul! Released in November 2006, First Christmas features jazz and gospel elements alongside the normal holiday stuff. The romantic lyrics are nice and I like how it’s about sharing your first Christmas with someone you love as well. On the single, a cover of Luther Vandross’ Every Year, Every Christmas is included.

Koda Kumi – you
The first sad song on this list is Koda Kumi’s you, released back in December 2005. This was the first single in her huge 12 singles campaign as well as the most successful (it was the 1st #1 single of her career). A song about a lost love, Kumi sings with a lot of emotion, especially during the final verse. She is even sporting the look as well, dressing as an Eskimo on the cover!

Mai Kuraki – Silent love ~open my heart~
One of my favorite Mai Kuraki songs is the heartwarming Silent love ~open my heart~. I think it’s her best winter ballad, but she has other good winter songs like Shiroi Yuki and All I want. What I like the most about this song are the lyrics: they are SO sweet. Kuraki also sings beautifully too and her voice just makes you want to melt. It’s perfect for a cold winter’s night.

Mika Nakashima – Yuki no Hana
MOST DEPRESSING SONG EVER. Unlike the song I mentioned before, Mika Nakashima’s Yuki no Hana makes you want to freeze over. When it was released back in October 2003, it become one of her most famous songs and the main reason why her 2nd album LOVE became so successful. This is also a song that showcases her incredible vocal range. Those high notes during the chorus are amazing.

Namie Amuro – White Light
Believe it or not, White Light was the first song by Namie Amuro that I ever heard. I loved it on the first listen and I officially became a fan after that (I listened to Come and WANT ME, WANT ME next so that sealed the deal XD). The song is a relaxing mix of Christmas cheer and Amuro’s trademark “hip-pop” style. For a mid-tempo R&B ballad, this song is pretty hot. She is fierce as hell so it all works out in the end.

Tommy heavenly6 – IXMAS
Even a ~hardcore~ chick like Tommy heavenly6 got into the Christmas spirit! After the epic Halloween themed Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl, she released I♥XMAS in December 2006. I love this song and it’s actually quite aggressive, making this a high octane Christmas track. I like that it’s just a full blown rock song and it relies on the lyrics instead of the music.

Sooooo…that’s it. For the last days of 2008, I’ll start working on my epic 4 PART 2008 In Review special. In the meantime, reviews of Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest single Days / GREEN and Tomiko Van’s new album Van. will come in the next 2 days.



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  1. =O 4 Parts!?!?! eeeeek!!!I’m so excited!

  2. Man, I love the pictures.
    And I now have something to keep out on the lookout for next Christmas.
    Looking forward to your 4 piece review.

  3. WTF????

    How in the world is Yuki no Hana depressing in any way? Much less “MOST DEPRESSING SONG EVER.”

    It’s a sugary love song intended to be HEARTWARMING. Like really sugary.

    Look at this:

    This moment
    When the two of us cuddle up
    To gaze at the first snow flower of the year
    Is overflowing with happiness

    Is this supposed to be sad? I thought you had some comprehension of Japanese and would understand what “Shiawase ga afuredasu” in this kind of context would mean.

  4. I have to agree with the post above but to be honest the way that Mika sings it can be a bit misleading. Yes it’s very emotional, fragile, beautiful etc. and that can create a sad “depressing” atmosphere for the listener. Anyway you mentioned a lot of my favourite christmas songs, esp. Meri Kuri. I can’t wait to hear the new version.

  5. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR GRANDNESS ^^ i loved this whole post. and AMi looks banging with that hat of hers! lol

    great review! i loved your selections for songs.

    i can’t believe WHITE LIGHT was the first Namie Amuro song you heard, i thought you listened to her when she like first came out. i d k XD that’s what i thought. lol.

    Meri Kuri is just plain adorable ^^ lol i love it.


  6. Eee, I’m also a fan of BoA’s Meri Kuri, and I’ve never been a big fan of her….

    Ah! Mai Kuraki’s Shiroi Yuki was the first song I heard by her. :3

    I look forward to seeing this upcoming FOUR PART year in review!

  7. @ChaosAkita..Calm down damn maybe he gets a different feel of the song because it sounds pretty depressing to me and PV sure doesn’t change that either.

    Happy holidays love this blog.

  8. If he makes mention of lyrics (that seem to be untranslated) in his reviews, I would say that he would able to know what “shiawase ga afuredasu” means.

  9. Get over it. All he said was MOST DEPRESSING SONG EVER, probably referring to the composition of the song.

  10. awesome :).

    and happy holidays♥

  11. @Chaos:
    From the sound of it, you seem to be basing everything on lyrics.
    Lyrics don’t automatically set the mood of the song.

    And some people just interpret how a song feels in different ways.

    For me, it doesn’t seem too depressing, but everyone else might see it different.

  12. we are ! haha i suppose it was the oldest single here. At the pv, she’s so damn cute.

    Yuki no Hana is obviously depressing but i only feel it when i listen to the silent version at the mini album Oborodzukiyo~Inori. Her unique vibrato, although kinda annoying for me at times, just fit for it. I wonder why nakashima won’t control her vibrato well like she did in the dividing line.

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