Rie fu – PRESENT

March 27, 2009 at 5:31 PM | Posted in Rie fu | 6 Comments

Rie fu - PRESENTTracklisting
2. Time Traffic (Rie fu mix)
3. Douyara Kyou mo Shibuya Made

This is Rie fu’s 12th single and it was released on February 25, 2009. The single reached #99 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

I have always been a sucker for Rie fu’s ballads because they are so soothing and she is vocally at her best. She executes them quite well and PRESENT is another worthy addition to that list. I gotta say that this is a VERY pretty piano and strings based ballad with a deceptively simple, yet beautiful arrangement. The music is heartwarming and Rie fu’s rich vocals compliment that, giving the song a nostalgic feel. In the end, it’s very well done and I like it a lot now.

I thought it was nice to hear Rie fu try out an electronic sound again with Time Traffic. It’s not as aggressive as Romantic was but there is still a good amount of light synthetic beats in the music. The song is also a collaboration with LEO Imai, a singer of Japanese and Swedish heritage, and he does backup vocals during the chorus. I thought the chorus was pretty catchy and the two of them seem to harmonize well. If you’re interested, a new “Leo fu” mix will appear on Imai’s upcoming album Laser Rain.

The third track is of typical Rie fu flair, but with some beats thrown in. Douyara Kyou mo Shibuya Made has a calm and collected atmosphere set to an upbeat tempo. There are also some gentle acoustics but the beats dominate most of the arrangement. Like a lot of her songs, the chorus features memorable English lyrics.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. *sighs*
    I don’t understand why Rie fu is so underrated. = =

  2. Why Rie fu is underrated:
    1. No one likes folky-pop songs nowadays.
    2. She isn’t pretty like any other artists.
    3. Her voice sounds okay and isn’t anything special.

    Why I love Rie fu:
    1. Her folky-pop/ballad songs so soothing and relaxing and calming and her upbeat songs have a great melody/rhythm and catchy and it makes me happy.
    2. She looks pretty to me and gosh, I love her lyrics! She can write seamless lyrics between Japanese and English plus it doesn’t sound weird to me.
    3. I love her sweet voice and she’s really talented, a singer-songwriter and an artist. :D

    Forgive me if my opinion about her being underrated is incorrect but that’s what I thought about it. But, everyone has a different taste and not everyone likes her music genre. She seems to attract attention with Romantic just because it’s different than what she used to sing.

  3. Ah this single is simply gold if you ask me. :D

    Rie fu is such an amazing singer and like everyone else has said: underrated. Her voice is amazing on its own really. I’m sure Rie fu could would day create a single out of no where which will become a hit much like what happened with Natsukawa Rimi and Nada Sousou (but that’s kind of different… oh well).

    As long as Rie keeps making music though I’m more than happy.

  4. I’m disappointed with this single. It’s not that good compared to her previous work, to be honest.

  5. i definitely didn’t like present as much as you did lol. it wasn’t as good as i thought it’d be, i liked the b-sides more. Douyara Kyou mo Shibuya Made really reminded me of 5000 miles, which is probably why i loved it. but urban romantic should be interesting

  6. @ Yume:
    I think she’s pretty, and you do too! So maybe she just is pretty XD!

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