Namie Amuro – WILD / Dr.

April 8, 2009 at 6:21 AM | Posted in Namie Amuro | 11 Comments

2. Dr.
3. WILD (Instrumental)
4. Dr. (Instrumental)

This is Namie Amuro’s 33rd single and it was released on March 18, 2009. The single reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 102,413 copies.

Namie Amuro once again delivers a large helping of FIERCE with WILD, a high octane electropop track. There is a lot of energy in the music and it’s filled with funky synth riffs and constant beats so it’s bound get to you up and moving. There is a heavy emphasis on the aggressive chorus and it tends to repeat a lot, but I can forgive that since it’s pretty catchy. Above all else, the song is just plain fun. I still prefer the material on the 60s 70s 80s single, but this song is slowly winning me over.

The other A-side, Dr., is WEIRD…but in a good way! I was like “OMG what’s going on?!” when I first listened to it. It’s not as upbeat as WILD, but holy crap there are surprising moments. The main arrangement is laid back but still features a lot spacy and far out synth with light beats. However, those “marching band” sequences are so random and different from the rest of the song. Amuro’s vocals escalate and the rhythm becomes a lot more faster paced. That being said, those are my favorite parts of the song.

Overall Rating

4½ stars



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  1. First comment. ;D

    I admit after giving this one a 5 star that WILD got kinda old. Dr. is the way better A-side.

  2. WILD was really fun and catchy~ and I only liked the marching band part in Dr.

  3. another great single that Namie delivered & so deserving to get the #1 spot :D , I can’t wait to see what other stuff that she has up her sleeves in due time

  4. honestly, this was one of the coolest singles ever i loved by her. i thought 60s 70s 80s was hot… but man… her singles just keep getting hotter. i love this dance route she is going. lol WILD i have been addicted to like crack it is just so awesome. and Dr. lol i remember hearing thoughts about Dr. like it’s hip hop, dance, and opera mixed in one. and at first i was like eh? how is that gonna come out and i must say… that is hot.



  6. Good review.

    But I didn’t like the song.

  7. My first impression was that both songs were CRAP and that I had to step back and take a breath. After a dozen more plays over a week they both grew on my a little. Now both songs fall under the “OK but very catchy” category. :P

  8. lol, “helping of FIERCE” I like it. Yeah, “WILD” was def. a song that you slowly have to get into to get its’ effect. Good, but not typical Namie greatness IMO. Good review, tho.

  9. I agree that WILD is a hot track. Dr. however is still a mess to me. It’s grown on me a lot since but I still think that song needs a lot of work. Overall it may not have been her best single but I liked it enough.

  10. WILD was amazing, and Dr. was pretty good too and your review was perfect (:

  11. I love Dr. so much. Very good song ^ ^

    Nice review.

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