BENI – Kiss Kiss Kiss

April 29, 2009 at 11:35 AM | Posted in BENI | 1 Comment

1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
2. Signal
3. Mou Nido to… (DJ HASEBE REMIX)
4. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Instrumental)

This is BENI’s 10th single and it was released on April 8, 2009. The single reached #40 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 2,945 copies.

We’re only 2 singles in and I’m already starting to see a big improvement in the quality of BENI’s music since her label change. Just like Mou Nido to… and STAY, Kiss Kiss Kiss wipes the floor with the stuff she did as an avex artist. Even though I think the song has a typical Western R&B sound, it’s pretty good and not to mention extremely catchy. The chorus was the most infectious part for me. I especially liked the vocals that repeat “kiss kiss kiss” and “oh baby oh baby” in the background too.

The B-side is a more aggressive song with a slightly faster tempo. Signal shows off the huskier side of BENI’s voice and she gives off a lot of attitude when she sings, which I thought was great. The music has a hasty arrangement that mainly mixes various types of dance beats with background vocals. This song is a good compliment to the A-side, which was a calmer track in comparison.

Included on the single is a remix of Mou Nido to…, her previous single. The remixer DJ HASEBE added many different R&B elements to the original song, which was a pop ballad, to make it a lot more upbeat. The looping male background voice and the extra beats were the most noticable to me. Also, the tempo has been sped up.

Overall Rating

4 stars


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  1. i thought this whole single was really great! it’s a pity it was only at 40th. i thought it could go up higher. it is really different from the last time i heard her single. i’m impressed and i will surely try to listen her next single. hopefully it’s going to be a great one!

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