BONNIE PINK – Joy / Happy Ending

May 1, 2009 at 12:27 PM | Posted in BONNIE PINK | 2 Comments

1. Joy
2. Happy Ending
3. You and I
4. Joy (Instrumental)
5. Happy Ending (Instrumental)

This is BONNIE PINK’s 25th single and it was released on April 8, 2009. The single reached #24 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 2,656 copies.

All of the songs on this single reminded me of BONNIE PINK’s early material and they are excellent. The first track is the calm, yet extremely catchy Joy, which is my personal favorite. The music has a musky, acoustic sound that adds some percussion, but it maintains an overall mellow atmosphere. It’s the chorus that really gets to me though. I find it SO infectious and memorable for some reason. The little snippets of English that she adds like “Sunday brunch” and “New Year’s Day” were cute too.

The next track is definitely more on the rockish side. Happy Ending is more aggressive because of the loud electric guitars and BONNIE PINK’s enthusiastic vocals. It doesn’t have the pop sound of Kane wo Narashite and features an alternative influence instead. I think this song perfectly compliments Joy and they balance each other out. They go hand in hand, actually.

The B-side is You and I, which is the most upbeat song on the single due its spunky and uplifting arragement. This is a carefree track and her vocals have some attitude to them, which give the song personality. Overall, it’s a cheery song and a wonderful B-side.

Overall Rating

 4½ stars



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  1. I agree! I loved this single….

  2. yes excellent single. Joy was so cute <3 very heart warming

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