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If you’ve been looking at the Upcoming Reviews page, 2 new artists are going to be featured on the blog! One is a total J-pop newbie while the other is a seasoned veteran.

Tiana Xiao, who is ethnically Chinese, made her J-pop debut in January 2008 and I found out about this up and coming artist through an interview on the show J-MELO. Out of curiousity, I tried out her debut album desTiny and I was pretty intrigued. She has a LOT of potential and she has the vocal chops to prove it. Also, her music is a mix between R&B and pop. I know for a fact that she’s visited the blog before too! HAY GURL HAY!
I will be reviewing her latest single Kanashii Uso which was released last week.

I’ve been listening to hitomi for a while but never featured her on the blog because she’s been on hiatus for a couple of years. Well, she’s finally back with a new single and upcoming album! For those who are not familiar with her, she made her debut with avex trax way back in 1994. She was extremely popular in the 90s thanks to her provocative image and catchy pop tunes that were produced by Tetsuya Komuro (he also kick started the careers of other artists such as Namie Amuro and Ami Suzuki). Anyway, she has been in the J-pop industry for over 15 years and is still going strong.
I will start by reviewing WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!, her first single since the hiatus.

So I’m going to review Tommy heavenly6’s I KILL MY HEART, but I will definitely NOT do a track-by-track review of that god forsaken album. It’s just not worth it.

Here’s a .gif of Beyoncé that explains my feelings on the album.




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  1. Once Again, Tiana Xiao FTW!!! XD

  2. So, wait, Tiana visited your blog? REALLY? How do you know that?

    Also, yay for both~ I was going to feature hitomi myself, but I guess I’ll leave it now.

  3. That is fine about TommyHeavenly. Reviews don’t always have to be positive.

  4. lol I don’t understand how Tomoko Kawase can be so good in The Brilliant Green, but not so great as her solo projects.

  5. wow that’s amazing about tiana xiao, great artist too. hitomi has some good songs out too, www is interesting

    but tommy’s album is….EPIC FAILURE


    Agreed about Tommy, that album just… rahghghg.

    Mind if I ask who’s featured in your layout’s banner? :3

  7. ^ That’s Mai Kuraki for her new single “Beautiful”. ;D

    it’s pretty, isn’t it?

  8. I looked thru your upcoming reviews before and saw Tiana’s single cover and got interested, mainly becuase her name is I decided to check out her songs, and I definitely liked what I heard :D So yeah.. can’t wait for your review! (And she visited your blog? Omg how did you know??)

  9. nice to see Tiano Xiao, i also heard her music a while ago and thought she had great potential, but i never heard her after that until this recent single.

    i can’t wait to see what ya think of her.

    never heard of hitomi but will give her a chance.

  10. For everyone asking about Tiano Xiao visting his page. It’s true. She posted a link to his blog on melody.’s My Space page when he reviewed Lei Aloha.

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