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Here are 2 more artists that will be featured on the blog! If you’ve seen the Upcoming Reviews page and wondered who they were, I got your info. =D


HIMEKA was an artist that totally came out of nowhere and I was definitely surprised by her. Her real name is Catherine St-Onge and she’s French Canadian, hailing from the province of Quebec. She got her big break after winning the 2nd annual Animax Anison Grand Prix in 2008 and later getting a record deal with Sony Music Japan International. Think of Leah Dizon but with actual talent (I’m a Leah fan and that’s a fact LOLZ). I like her already, guys. ♥
Check out my review of her debut single Asu e no Kizuna in the near future!

May Jamileh Hashimoto, known professionally as May J., made her debut in 2006 under Sony’s Ki/oon Records sublabel. I found out about her through an interview on the show J-MELO and she is currently one of the hosts (her and another singer replaced melody. in late 2008). Anyway, she’s an R&B and pop singer and I thought her debut album Baby Girl was pretty good. She has recently switched labels and is now with Rhythm Zone (avex’s R&B sublabel).
I will start by reviewing FAMILY, her 2nd studio album and first release under Rhythm Zone.

Expect my review of Yuna Ito’s DREAM today or tomorrow. It depends on how I feel. A word of warning: IT’S AWESOME.




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  1. i’m very curious to hear the both of them now…

    [is very happy]

    ^^ and can’t wait for the review on Yuna Ito. so excited… i like the last track 0.o and that english version of koi wa groovy x2

  2. Oh sweet – I’m from Montreal, but I never heard of this girl.

  3. DREAM blew me AWAY. Finally an album that she should be really proud of having made. I love Yuna and was so let down by both HEART and WISH.

  4. I never heard May J, I’m looking forward to ur reviews of her

    and hahahahaha the gif is soo funny haha~

  5. Himeka huh? I find it interesting when artists fly over to Japan and start a singing career. It can lead to some interesting music. :)

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