Crystal Kay – After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY) / Girlfriend feat. BoA

August 11, 2009 at 11:07 AM | Posted in Crystal Kay | 5 Comments
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1. After Love -First Boyfriend-
2. Girlfriend feat. BoA
3. Deaeta Kiseki (出会えた奇跡)
4. After Love -First Boyfriend- 
    feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY) inst
5. Girlfriend feat. BoA inst

This is Crystal Kay’s 26th single and it was released on August 12, 2009. The single reached #31 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 2,298 copies.

First of all, a big congrats to Crystal Kay for 10 years in the music industry! It’s amazing that she made her major debut when she was just 13 years old. Along with this single, she will release her 10th anniversary compilation album BEST of CRYSTAL KAY on September 2nd.

The first track is After Love -First Boyfriend-, a mid-tempo R&B pop number that makes allusions to past Crystal Kay’s songs (Boyfriend and Boyfriend -part II-). The music has the basic formula with clapping beats and chimes to keep up the pace but it does gain momentum when the chorus comes around. A little synth mixed with some strings make the song more interesting to say the least. The song also features Kaname Kawabata from the R&B duo CHEMISTRY but his role in the song is pretty minor. He only provides background vocals during the chorus and you do hear his voice occasionally in other parts. I would have liked some solo lines from him though.

The other A-side is much more of a collaboration. Girlfriend features BoA and unlike After Love -First Boyfriend-, she plays a big part in this song and has a good amount of solo lines. She also harmonizes well with Crystal Kay when they sing together during the chorus. Music-wise, this song is better too since it’s more upbeat and didn’t make me say “That’s it?” when it was over. In the end, I was definitely more satisfied with this track.

Also included on the single is Deaeta Kiseki, which was released digitally back in late 2008. This song has an uplifting vibe compared to the A-sides and it features stronger beats alongside pleasant piano chords. It’s not bad for a B-side even though it left me with that lingering feeling again.

Overall Rating

4 stars



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  1. Another awesome single from CK. :] I can’t wait to buy her greatest hits “Best of Crystal Kay”!

  2. I enjoyed this single and though the collab with BoA was really good. BoA’s vocals sounded a little lighter than I remember, though it has been a while since I’ve heard them…

  3. PS. Does this mean BoA and Crystal really are best friends? I wouldn’t be surprised considering all the work with m-flo. <3

  4. I really like Girlfriend & After Love. I hope she continues to bring out more good songs. ^_^

  5. I really liked this single in general, in After all, thought the laid back soothing music was particularly nice, though i tend to not notice forgetfulness factors… as i forget most songs after a while ^^’ And i thought girfriend was catchy too!

    Wonder if you’re going to review the new songs from “Best of Crystal Kay”, i really happen to like ‘over and over’

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