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August 31, 2009 at 9:48 PM | Posted in Kaori Mochida | 2 Comments

The cover of the CD+DVD edition

moka is Kaori Mochida’s debut solo album and it was released on August 12, 2009. The album reached #9 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 11,431 copies.

Cute cover! ♥
…Even with that poncho thing she’s wearing. XD

♦ ♦ ♦

First of all, don’t expect a pale imitation of Every Little Thing’s music when you listen to moka. For example, as much as I liked Tomiko Van’s last album Van., I admit that it had a lot of songs that were performed as if she was still in Do As Infinity. That is definitely not the case with Kaori Mochida’s first solo album. Like the title of the album implies, moka (as in Mochida Kaori) is distinctively “her”.

I noticed that the album is divided into two different musical styles: breezy island inspired and folkish acoustic pop. No matter what it is, the music is laid back and relaxing. Songs like Hajimari to wa and Kimi no Kureta Sekai have a tranquil beach sound that I enjoyed while Tao and the singles are composed of folky acoustics (Ame no Waltz and Shizuka na Yoru). Some of the tracks can get boring at times but I have to say that this album is quickly growing on me. What I liked the most about moka is that it’s full of music that is perfectly suited for Mochida’s voice. It’s gentle and soothing!

But that is also the main fault of the album as well. If you’re not into this kind of music, you will find it pretty sleep inducing. This goes out to people who are familiar with Every Little Thing’s music too. There is no upbeat pop rock or whatever because you have to remember: this is Kaori Mochida, NOT Every Little Thing. With that being said, I believe that this album is worth listening to in the end when given the chance.

Closing this review, here’s a little tidbit from the song ABC, which is one of my favorite songs off the album because I think it’s cute. It’s like Utada Hikaru’s Boku wa Kuma but with the alphabet! XD

P is for pie
Q is for queen
R is for rain
S is for smile
T is for train

Pros: With its distinct sound, moka is purely Kaori Mochida and that’s a good thing! I loved those island themed songs too.
Cons: The album can and will bring about a yawn or two, especially if you are expecting something upbeat.

BASICALLY…I liked this album but I don’t know if the casual listener will.

Overall Rating

 3½ stars


1. Hajimari to wa (はじまりとは)
2. Drop
3. Tao (タオ) 
4. weather
5. Ame no Waltz (雨のワルツ)
6. ABC
7. Real and Imagined
8. Please Me (プリーズ ミー)
9. Shizuka na Yoru (静かな夜)
10. Kimi no Kureta Sekai (君のくれた世界)
11. Nemure Nemuru (ねむれ ねむる)
12. Every day Love

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  1. i wanna hear this album now lol

  2. I bought this album…amazing! My Favorite Track are Hajimari to wa, Weather, ABC, Shizukana Yoru :D

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