Koda Kumi – Alive / Physical thing

September 24, 2009 at 2:30 PM | Posted in Koda Kumi | 5 Comments

The cover of the CD only edition

Alive / Physical thing is Koda Kumi’s 45th single and it was released on September 16, 2009. The single reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 42,944 copies. The first track was used as the theme song for the movie Kamui the Ninja.

I think the covers are quite nice. I don’t get that white puffy thing she’s wearing though. It’s consuming her! DDD:

♦ ♦ ♦

I would normally say “UGH NOT ANOTHER BALLAD” but I actually like Alive a lot soooooo…
Well, I think it’s different from previous ballads. Instead of the typical R&B and pop tinged fluff that’s she been putting out for a while, this song feels way more sophisticated and epic. I haven’t heard anything like it since Asu e… or the orchestral version of 1000 no Kotoba. From the music’s use of flowing strings and woodwinds, it’s extremely pretty. I like that Kumi isn’t “oversinging” like she usually does too. I wish the song was longer though because it’s well under 4 minutes, which is way too short for a song of this caliber (EXTENDED ALBUM VERSION PLZ).

Then there’s Physical thing, which I thought was pretty hot. I was loving aggressive synth the most. Hey, I’m glad it’s not just some cutesy pop song! LOL It’s no BUT or TABOO but it still trumps any of her recent material by a large amount. I’m talking about everything on 3 SPLASH specifically.

The single also features live performances of 2 songs from her latest tour. The first is an extended version of INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK, simply titled TRICK, and it has an added verse near the end. It gives me hope for a studio version. =) 
The other one is Joyful, the happy pop song off the TRICK album. I thought she sang pretty well, considering it’s one of the later songs performed on the setlist.

Pros: A solid single! I thought both songs were nicely done.
Cons: Alive is too short and Physical thing could still use some work.

BASICALLY…keep it up, Kumi. There’s still some hope left!

Overall Rating

4 stars


1. Alive
2. Physical thing
3. Alive (Instrumental)
4. Physical thing (Instrumental)
5. TRICK Live Version (from TRICK TOUR 2009)
6. Joyful Live Version (from TRICK TOUR 2009)



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  1. Haha. Yes, there is some hope. After 3 SPLASH left me with such a bad taste, I’ve been holding off on this one. Glad you gave it the green light though. I’ll track it down now. Thx Lex! ^_^

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  3. your right D= Alive is too short

  4. I read from jpopasia.com that Alive is a new version of a Handel song. That explained why it sounded different and classical to me. Since it is a Handel song, they should make it longer by adding more strings or organ or whatever classsical to it. Give it a more epic feel.

  5. it’s pretty good but my all time fave koda kumi song is Cutie Honey from several years back

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