Do As Infinity – ETERNAL FLAME

October 10, 2009 at 1:33 PM | Posted in Do As Infinity | 11 Comments

ETERNAL FLAME is Do As Infinity’s 7th album and it was released on September 30, 2009. The album reached #9 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 19,064 copies. It was preceded by the single ∞1 (2 songs from it were included).

For those morons who have been complaining about the cover just because “Tomiko and Ryo aren’t on it”…it’s called SYMBOLISM. Actually, it’s much more simple than that. *points at the album title*

♦ ♦ ♦

Put your hands on your beating chest
Feel the heat, they’re always with you

For being Do As Infinity’s “comeback album”, ETERNAL FLAME is very good. Even with their disbandment and 4 year absence, it’s their best album since 2002’s TRUE SONG. Let’s face it…minus the singles, the last 2 albums GATES OF HEAVEN and NEED YOUR LOVE (especially) were very lackluster. I have seen the criticisms surrounding ETERNAL FLAME and pretty much brushed them aside because they are stupid arguments brought about by butthurt veteran fans.

The biggest one that I have seen is “it’s not the same DAI anymore”. Well OBVIOUSLY. This is a new and improved Do As Infinity without Dai Nagao (the main composer for all their songs prior to the disbandment). Tomiko Van and Ryo Owatari worked with different composers on this album and it shows. However, many of the songs on the album have the classic “DAI sound” but with a substantial upgrade. Honestly, before the disbandment, Dai Nagao’s compositions were getting stale and unoriginal.

The first half of the album is fantastic and contains some really high quality songs. Right from the beginning, the title track ETERNAL FLAME is quite epic and features completely English lyrics. It can be clunky at times but still epic nonetheless. It moves onto higher octane tracks like Saigo no GAME and Perfect World. Along with the upbeat tracks, there is also a good amount of mellow songs. I thought Feelin’ The Light (another English track) and the mournful Nighter represented the best out of them. Piece Of Your Heart makes an appearance as the obligatory “cute song” (every DAI album has one) but I really liked it.

But…the album kind of goes downhill when the 2nd half comes around. I can’t remember Kitakaze, his hometown, or Honoo for the life of me. They’re not very memorable. Luckily, the album closes on an extremely good note with Umareyuku Monotachi e, which I thought made for a perfect finale. To make things even better, first pressings of the album come with a beautiful “10th anniversary version” of Tangerine Dream, the band’s debut single.

Pros: DAI is back and better than ever. Keep on burning that eternal flame!
Cons: I’m still iffy on tracks 9 through 11…and where the heck is Timeless?

BASICALLY…it feels like they never left. =)

Overall Rating

 4½ stars


2. Saigo no GAME (最後のGAME)
3. Perfect World
4. Namonaki Kakumei (名もなき革命)
5. Nighter (ナイター)
6. Feelin’ The Light
7. Meramera (メラメラ)
8. Piece Of Your Heart
9. Kitakaze (北風)
10. his hometown
11. Honoo (焔)
12. Umareyuku Monotachi e (生まれゆくものたちへ)
13. Tangerine Dream ~10th Anniversary~ [CD only first pressing bonus track]

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  2. F**k all of the haters Lex! This review and album are awesome!!

  3. Great review Lex! ^_^
    If you have time, read mines here:

    And I’m pissed that I can’t get a hold of the new Tangerine Dream track! >_<

  4. Took me a few listens, but I finally enjoy the entire album (minus His Hometown — really forgettable and dry). Kitakaze is reminiscent of Fukai Mori for some reason, I think it’s the melody.

  5. personally, I love every single DAI song in this album, just because they’re awesome.
    the song that i enjoyed the most was actually his hometown XD
    next on my list is namonaki kakumei and nighter.

  6. OHHH DAIIII I thought I died and went to heaven when I saw that they had a new album out!!! it doesnt matter how different their music sounds, DAI will always be DAI to me :D
    I’m so glad they’re back!!!

  7. I think DAI has gotten worse. How can you say Nagao was bad? He composed Deep Forest and True Song! I find Need Your Love a bit bland, but it’s still better than this boring as hell Eternal Flame! There is no catchy songs, and lyrics are so so. DAI is no longer DAI without the MAIN composer. Tomiko has a good voice but she might as well sing solo. This is like FIR without Ian.

  8. I never said Dai was bad. His compositions were starting to suck around GATES OF HEAVEN and NEED YOUR LOVE.

  9. im so glad DAI came back :)
    i actually like this album. the only songs i’m a little iffy about are tracks 3 and 8. everything else is sing-worthy. especially the english ones ^_^

  10. Dai Nagao was truly amazing. too bad he is with ARIA ASIA now. :( Do as infinity is sooo different now. but i still love DAI!! i just think the album was a lot differnt from the others. my favorite song from ETERNAL FLAME was Honoo and mera mera! ^ ^ i love singing honoo. honoo has to be the most similar song to the other albums!

  11. I have a completely different opinion from you. Firstly, I think DAI is obviously gifted–I loved Deep Forest, True Song and Need Your Love.
    Regarding this album, I think it’s bad but better than the first album.
    I also think that the end of the album beats the first, but the song Umareyuku Monotachi E was so slow and boring…
    DAI has become more “Ballady” and slow instead of the emotional rock pieces like deep forest.

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