Yuna Ito – Let it Go

November 20, 2009 at 12:22 PM | Posted in Yuna Ito | 2 Comments

The cover of the CD+DVD edition

Let it Go is Yuna Ito’s 14th single and it was released on November 11, 2009. The single reached #36 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 2,858 copies. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Tenshi no Koi.

WHOA, MISS ITO. ♥ Ignoring that text, the cover is hot.

♦ ♦ ♦

Yuna Ito isn’t exactly a stranger to the pop rock sound so I wasn’t all that surprised with Let it Go. I thought she’s done it brillantly with songs like JOURNEY and LOVE MACHINE GUN but this song is a little different from them since it’s more on the acoustic side. Ito worked with Koichi Tabo (former guitarist of Superfly) and fortunately, Let it Go isn’t filled with that 60s hippie crap (no offense lol). It’s just standard rock tinged pop but it works well with Ito’s voice. Her vocals are strong and she sounds very good during the chorus.

The B-side is your typical cute track. I didn’t really care for Happy Days but it’s not bad. It’s just that there’s nothing striking about the arrangement. I thought the music was too mellow to be interesting as well.

Pros: Let it Go is pretty good after a couple of listens.
Cons: Happy Days is pure cheese. Girl, bye!

BASICALLY…this single was both a hit and a miss.

Overall Rating

3½ stars


1. Let it Go
2. Happy Days
3. Let it Go (instrumental)
4. Happy Days (instrumental)



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  1. i couldn’t get into this single :( sad face

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