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The cover of the CD only edition

my life is alan’s 2nd Japanese album and it was released on November 25, 2009. The album reached #16 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 17,489 copies.

I’m sure everyone knows this already but…what is a young AYUMI HAMASAKI doing on the cover? I see where avex is going with this.

♦ ♦ ♦

WOW. Talk about a sophomore slump! alan’s debut album Voice of EARTH was released earlier this year and I absolutely loved it. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite albums of 2009 because it was pretty phenomenal but most importantly, it showcased alan’s unique style and characteristics as an artist. Say what you want but that album has something that my life definitely lacks: an identity.

After her latest single Swear, I guess I was expecting the worst. It’s too bad that I let my suspicions get the best of me because in all honesty, most of my life is bland and lifeless (no pun intended). Like I said when I reviewed that single, I don’t have a problem with alan going out of her comfort zone. Actually, I’m all for it. The problem here is that a majority of the new tracks are just not interesting at all. That’s where I draw the line.

Songs like One, Butterflies, Shiroi Tsubasa and the new version of Namida (the B-side on the Megumi no Ame single) are so boring. At least she brings some emotion in Mitsumeteitai though. That song is actually pleasant despite being slower paced. Luckily, alan does bring some surprises with the album’s 2 “dance-like” tracks. They are SO out of place and have no business being on here but I liked them. XD Despite being a hot synthetic mess, Essence of me is endearing. The sound gets improved upon in Call my name too.

The best was certainly saved for last on this album. Even with all the bad stuff, the final 3 tracks are such a relief. That includes the singles BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~ and Kuon no Kawa. Kuon no Kawa is easily my favorite song on the album even though it should have been on Voice of EARTH because of the epic factor. At least the title track my life ends the album on a good note. Not everything was disappointing. ;D

Well, my life isn’t terrible but damn, it’s such a let down. Considering that alan made such a staggering debut, this is a huge, colossal let down. When I said I was open for her branching out musically, this is not what I had in mind. Hmmm…the wonders 8 months can do. At this point, it seems like she’s stuck in a rut.

Pros: At least she’s trying new things??? The last 3 tracks too.
Cons: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snore*

BASICALLY…wail yourself up out of here, alan! We’re through for the time being!

Overall Rating

3 stars


1. reflection ~overture~
2. Swear
3. One
4. Mitsumeteitai (見つめていたい)
5. Namida (Smooth Jam Mix) (涙)
6. Lost Child
7. Butterflies
8. Essence of me
9. Call my name
10. Shiroi Tsubasa (白い翼)
11. Nobody knows but me
12. BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~ (BALLAD ~名もなき恋のうた~)
13. Kuon no Kawa (久遠の河)
14. my life

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  1. Yeah, I definitely miss my old alan. I’m all for her trying out new stuff.. but the dance stuff just doesn’t feel “her.” It seems to me like she’s trying to be someone else.

  2. this album was definitely the biggest snooze fest of 2009…

  3. the album’s that bad ?! I probably think not & honestly comparing her debut with her 2nd is not fair in a way since her 1st album has 8 SINGLES & so little album tracks which doesn’t showcase her growth . At least for my life , be it good/bad , there’re more album tracks in the mix D: I heard worst albums before which put me in a snoozefeast before which unfortuantely caused me to lose interest in an artiste soon after *cough Angela Aki cough

  4. Meh. Even by itself and without comparisons, the album is boring. Since you want to bring Angela into this mess, ANSWER is far better than my life as well.

  5. ANSWER has Tegami, Somebody Stop Me, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, ANSWER, Requiem, We’re All Alone, Black Glasses, and Reflection

    my life had…umm…Kuon no Kawa? Sorry Karen, my life just sucks. Voice of EARTH is just better because of how much better produced it is.

  6. my life definitely lacked a flavor that her debut album had. Much of it was too bland for my tastes, but at least there were some nice tracks at the end.

  7. You’re being nice. It deserved two stars and this is coming from someone who adores her music.

  8. yea whoever said answer was a snoozefest is delusional…

  9. Someone needs to tell her stylist that blunt bangs DO NOT work with her.
    It makes her chin and jaw area look to awkward.

  10. bah crazy! T_T i did like her debut album lol now im scared to listen to this one lol

  11. I agree with most of everyone here. my life is bland, it doesn’t possesses a soul which Voice of EARTH has. I actually didn’t mind at all on alan doing Swear or new styles, but this is not her. She soundes emotionless. When I saw that Swear is going to be the album opener all my hope dropped and I knew that everything after Swear would be snoozefest-like.

  12. I agree 100%. I really miss our old alan. This album was a HUGE letdown.
    And why does it matter if Voice of EARTH had 8 singles on it? They are STILL the part of the album, not just the new songs, and that’s what makes the album whole.

  13. Bleh, at least the last 4 tracks were good, great even. It’s kind of a shame that there were only two new songs I liked though :/

  14. OMG i soo agree with you i thought the album sounded good but it lacked any Alan-ness and plus all the songs were B.O.R.I.N.G

  15. This album was weak yet it did had some good song, more often it due to the last couple of song, and those genre is were her talent truely shine , overall you can’t really blame her for trying out something new, Like you said, she tried mostly every kind of J pop genre beat; from pop to some R&B and even elector, and as a fan we later found out that these is not really her style. In my opinion, you could probably blame the producer who jamed this album all into nearly least then one year, Overall I felt that she want out of her confront zone, and produce an experience C.D, rather then sticking to her style of music

  16. “What happened to alan here?” is the initial thought I had when I first finished listening to the album. What a disappointment! It’s so different from her debut album in the worst way possible. I agree that alan totally lost herself this time. There’s no personality on this album, which (ironically) is supposed to resonate her musically. Most of the new songs on “my life” sounded like she and her producer were trying too hard to appeal to the mainstream market. It’s not a bad album but it just never really delivered as a whole. Hopefully with next release we get to hear an alan that’s actually interesting and refreshing, not just “new” or “different”.

  17. Actually, I don’t think this album is really all that bad. I find it very easy to listen to, and if you’re wanting something to chill out to with a few more upbeat (essence of me, call my name) or dramatic songs (Kuon no Kawa etc) to mix things up a bit, it’s a good listen. But then again, I love alan’s voice and music so I’ll listen to and enjoy anything she sings.

  18. i did notice a drastic change from her first album and then her sophomore but overall, i still love alan for what she does best – ballads. the girl has a voice and thats something I’m always looking for in this music industry filled with really mainstream pop blahs….

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