Thelma Aoyama × SOL from BIGBANG – Fall in Love

February 9, 2010 at 11:17 PM | Posted in Thelma Aoyama | 2 Comments
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Fall in Love is Thelma Aoyama’s 8th single and it was released on January 27, 2010. The single reached #29 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 3,501 copies.

Disembodied heads are a big no-no! The shadow effect isn’t going to help, Thelma!

♦ ♦ ♦

Thelma Aoyama’s collaboration songs are always great so Fall in Love was no exception. This time however, she’s working with another singer instead of a rapper. SOL, better known as Taeyang, is a member of the popular Korean group BIGBANG. His voice is good and definitely better than those of the Japanese boy bands. As for the music, it’s always nice to hear an upbeat song from Aoyama. The beats that blended in with the various acoustics sounded nice.

The B-side offers something different from Aoyama. Believe is a solo track and totally devoid of the R&B sound she normally does. The music is straight up pop and I liked it. Complete with a band and string arrangement, I thought this song was well done.

Pros: This single was really good and Believe was a nice surprise.
Cons: I hear a little bit of Yuna Ito’s Ima Demo Aitai yo… in the A-side. Hmmm…

BASICALLY…at least she didn’t collaborate with G-Dragon. Ick.

Overall Rating

4 stars


1. Fall in Love
2. Believe
3. Fall in Love (Instrumental)
4. Believe (Instrumental)



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  1. w00p you liked it! i can’t wait for “kaeru basho” to be released. (:

  2. hahaha i love your comment about G-Dragon XD so agreed, that would sound weird lol and the only thing i don’t like about japanese boy bands is that all the members usually sound the exact same lmao and looking at her random head is O.o

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