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The cover of the CD+DVD edition

IDENTITY is BoA’s 7th Japanese album and it was released on February 10, 2010. The album reached #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 37,606 copies.

Oooh, she’s trying to be all edgy and stuff. I will never like her with short hair though.

♦ ♦ ♦

What the hell happened, BoA? IDENTITY has got to the most disappointing thing she’s ever released. There are plenty of reasons why this album was a disaster so let’s start with the negatives. Don’t worry fans, I have some nice things to say.

Most importantly, I don’t care if the album is “self-produced”. That doesn’t matter at all because many of the songs are just plain bad. Just sing since you have no idea what you’re doing, girl. ;D Anyway, I was most annoyed with the upbeat songs. The music is nice, especially in tracks like EASY and LAZER, but her awful vocals ruin them. She sounds so bored and she’s practically half-assing it in both songs. EASY is absolutely intolerable now. The best upbeat song is by far BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo) since she didn’t sound like a lifeless drone in it. There’s also Neko Love. I would normally find this song to be annoying as hell since she’s constantly spelling out her name (B-O-A, B-O-A, B-O-A) but believe it or not, it’s one of the better tracks.

And I had my share of laughs at the two interludes as well. They are so pointless and stupid!

Okay, enough of being mean for the time being. XD The album’s strongest asset would be the mid-tempo tracks. From the jazzy opening and ending tracks This Is Who I Am and my all to her duet with ~natural beauty~ Daichi Miura (Possibility), these songs represent the best of the album. Yep, that also includes Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ and the extended version of its B-side THE END Soshite and…. I personally liked the piano and rain effects added to the beginning even though it makes the song over 7 minutes long. I didn’t care for is this love and fallin’ though. The latter track kinda sucks for its use of autotune. Save that crap for your next English album, BoA!

So what really makes IDENTITY her worst album to date? I just didn’t see any effort put into it. Most of the album comes off as lazy and underproduced, which is ironic since it’s “OMG SELF-PRODUCED”. Wrong! Only 4 of the tracks were actually produced by her. So much for that. Recalling what one of my blogger friends said, the album should be retitled “IDENTITY CRISIS”. To be honest, I thought past albums like MADE IN TWENTY (20) and THE FACE showed more growth and development. IDENTITY is a huge step back and I feel like BoA has hit rock bottom.

Pros: Tracks 7 through 11…This Is Who I Am and BUMP BUMP! too. lol
Cons: Everything else was pretty damn awful. LA LA LA~

BASICALLY…the only thing that was produced here was a FLOP.

Overall Rating

2½ stars


1. This Is Who I Am
3. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
5. interlude#1
6. is this love
7. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ (まもりたい ~White Wishes~)
8. interlude#2
9. Neko Love (ネコラブ)
10. THE END Soshite and… (album ver.) (THE END そして and…)
11. Possibility duet with Daichi Miura (Possibility duet with 三浦大知)
12. fallin’
13. my all

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  1. Yeah this whole album just left me bored. It was just a chore trying to listen to it. The only track I found myself liking was ‘This is Who I Am’ BoA must be burned out or something because she was lifeless through every song. Spot on review.

  2. and as always we cannot stop agreeing on everything!!!! YESSS this album wassss horrible when THE FACE and Made In 20 came out i thought they were great albums but this album was just plain out bad and incredibly lousy better luck next BoA cause ur fame time is running out!!!

  3. Haha I think I’m the only one who liked this album… but then again my opinions of BoA are always on the opposite end of the spectrum. I hated Made in 20, The Face, and BoA whereas everyone else seemed to love them. Nice review though!

  4. haha i knew you wouldn’t like it that much XD what happened to her music O.o ?

  5. Rock bottom is the perfect way to describe her career right now. <3

  6. excuse me this is one of her best album & you need to give it more listens before shedding judgment

  7. I’ve already given the album enough listens to know it’s crap. I don’t need some stan to tell me about “shedding judgment”. Bye.

  8. You go girl!

  9. I agree with the interludes like really WTF dude. Lol haha I actually loved EASY though but I kinda feel bad for BoA, like when I found out her album hit number 4 I was like holy shit her number 1 streak came to an end :( maybe after this she may step it up and have a good come back… :( I hope I do love you BoA.

  10. I LOVE THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!
    And more after read the translated lyrics. so good.
    i think this album is focused more on the message in the lyrics than in the music. is like a therapy for BoA.
    first time ever she can say what she wants.
    only read “this is who i am” translated lyrics and see.
    we don’t undersand japanese, so we don’t get that message…

    for me IDENTITY is her most solid album since OUTGROW.

  11. “Bee Oh Aye, people know my name.” Fewer and fewer every day.

  12. ^ lol.

    I liked the album though. It’s definitely one of her more calm and mellow albums and i completely agree with ikun. The lyrics are amazing and so is the music. I love “Possibility” and “fallin'”.
    I don’t know what do think about “EASY” though. I mean, it’s super catchy, but this “EASY, EASY, YOU THINK IT’S REALLY EASY!!” is so annoying, even though I like it. Aw sometimes J-Pop is so confusing, fu.

    I love the review btw ;P.

  13. Love the album, but I think you brought up some very good flaws. Nice review!

  14. omg yes its totally shitty

  15. ROFL! Thank you for putting in words exactly what my girlfriend and I have been griping about for over a week now.

    I prefer “is this love” over “my all” though.

  16. Lazer, and possibilty were the best songs on the album. I love the new direction she’s going in ,but couldn’t her old groove join her? Love boa

  17. Wow. I disagree with this review completely. I actually think ‘Identity’ is one of BoA’s better albums. It’s not the most impactful in terms of sound. Nothing really hits you how songs did on say, ‘Outgrow’. But this is a solid and consistent album. I LOVE “Lazer”. The production on that song is amazing, and the chorus is as catchy as f**k.

  18. I agree this album is sooooooo bad. Good thing is that she’s making a comeback in korea. muaahahaha

  19. So it wasn’t just me who thought the album was crap… Heh. I thought maybe I just wasn’t appreciative enough of the effort, but *every* song turned me off.

  20. Ugh I used to be the biggest fan imaginable, but I’ve given up since her butt ugly mullett hair in girls on top. Since then she’s only had a few good-ish songs like sweet impact and lose your mind.

    What the hell is up with her performance these days? She sounds so dead, like she doesn’t even wanna BE in the studio. Did you know she even had an identity tour? I was surprised people even pay for her shows anymore, she lip-synced all the way through those crap songs.

    Sorry for the bashing, I just hate how she is now. I still love the old BoA though <3

  21. ^
    excuse me, are u deaf??? she DID NOT lip-sinc at IDENTITY tour !

    I agree with ikun and Crystallas that this album is focused more on the message in the lyrics than in the music. This is one of her best album !

  22. @Kerry: check your ears and go buy yourself a IDENTITY dvd, i swear she was singing LIVE

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