nami – Omoide ni Naru no?

February 23, 2010 at 8:06 PM | Posted in Nami Tamaki | 10 Comments

Omoide ni Naru no? (思い出になるの?) is Nami Tamaki’s 19th single and it was released on February 17, 2010, a week before her new album STEP. The single failed to make an appearance on the Oricon Weekly Charts (lol).

Pretty cover…and that’s the only nice thing I’ll be saying in this review.

♦ ♦ ♦

For some reason, she released this single as “nami”. I’m guessing because it’s to showcase an even ~newer~ sound from her. Yep, Tamaki has stepped into R&B territory. Omoide ni Naru no? was written by Jeff Miyahara who has done songs for artists like Kana Nishino and JASMINE. Unfortunately, this does not work for *nami* AT ALL. She sounds so awkward throughout the whole song and it really kept me from liking it. The music is okay even though it’s a clone of Kana Nishino’s Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara (a piano arrangement that’s masked behind synth).

I was just starting to get used to her dance-free pop sound too. Moshimo Negai ga… and some of the tracks from the Friends! single were pretty good and now she pulls this crap. SMH

Anyway, the B-sides aren’t that good either. Itoshisa no Yukue is an even less interesting version of the A-side and don’t get me started on her cover of Ken Hirai’s Rakuen. It’s another huge example of ^nami^ performing outside of her league. To be honest, she RUINS it with her funky vocals. I know that Rakuen was Hirai’s big breakthrough song when he transitioned into R&B but he had the voice for it. ~nami~ flat out doesn’t.

Pros: The music? Uhhh…that’s it. lol
Cons: Stay out of R&B, -nami-. It makes your voice sound even weirder than usual.

BASICALLY…here are decent songs that are ruined by a stranger bitch’s vocals.

Overall Rating

2½ stars


1. Omoide ni Naru no? (思い出になるの?)
2. Itoshisa no Yukue (愛しさのゆくえ)
3. Rakuen (楽園)



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  1. Awwww… I loved this single. T_T

  2. omg such a hater.

  3. <3

  4. lol. I didn’t like it either.

    Miss Tamaki needs to slap this #nami# bitch! >:D

  5. I was curious about this single so I decided to check out the music video for it on Jpopasia. I have to say, the song reminds me a lot of JASMINE’s second single and what’s with the music video anyways? it’s so weird!!

  6. Oof, so harsh.
    “Omoide” was the only song I liked off this single though. :/ I propose an immediate switch to Avex.

  7. its not soo bad

  8. eesh this song was a mess, save your career nami and fire your agent!

  9. Is It Really That Bad?

  10. Nami Tamaki career is over!

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